Thursday, April 16, 2009

Future, I Have No Idea What But Something To Do With Building

Preston showed me his very first creation with his blocks last week. I was so impressed. I mean it could be a car, a train, perhaps a little house for people that I can't even see. It was brilliant. All the purposes that it can serve. Sheer genius I tell you.

Without further a'do.

Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure at this moment where Preston inherihited this brilliant thinking. I was unable to decide if his ability to build something would send him in the direction of being a future architect or a future builder. So I asked Brad. And got a long answer. Note to self, don't ask someone who is in construction about the different jobs in construction the answer will just leave your head spinning. And you will still end up not knowing the answer to your question because you will decide it just doesn't matter enough and sucessfully tune out the blah blah contractor blah blah framer blah blah architect blah blah and so on and so forth being spewed from the person you asked's mouth. When all you really wanted was a simple, "That would be an blank."

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