Friday, April 17, 2009

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice. Fool Me Three Times?

Ever wondered what it must feel like to wear a diaper every day, all day from birth to potty training? I have. And I've decided that it must be remarkably uncomfortable. With the end result in my thought process I like to give Preston some breaks from his diaper.

This does not always work out in my favor. Now that I think back, it really doesn't seem to work out best for me at all. Preston has peed on our couch, on our bed, in his crib, on the bathroom rugs, on the carpet, on the dining room chairs, on the bathroom counter, and I'm guessing countless other places that I can't think of right now. We've even had a few episodes where pee wasn't the only problem, if you catch my drift. Namely the bathroom counter and the living room carpet.

Preston out did himself this week.

I removed his freshly peed in diaper to give him a break last weekend. Thinking that he'd just peed so he had a while before he'd have to go again. We were good to go on the diaper free playing time.


Within minutes Preston was peeing on our new wood floors in the dining room. I counted my blessings thinking that it would have been worse if he'd gone on the carpet. At least the puddle can just be wiped up off the floors. After cleaning his pee up, I decided to continue to let him play without a diaper. After all he'd just peed twice in the last fifteen minutes and there was no way he was going to go again anytime soon.


A half hour later, he'd gone again. This time on the carpet. What is this boy drinking? Obviously he's got his Mommy's bladder instead of his Daddy's. Poor little guy. He'd lost diaper free priviledges for the rest of that day.

Fast forward a few days. Preston was ready to play without a diaper again and I was too tired to argue with him. Off he went. Everything was going smoothly until Brad yelled, with some desperation in his voice, "KIM, COME QUICK!"

The scene I walked into in my living room was one straight out of a horror movie.

Brad was holding Preston's poop filled hand while trying not to vomit. Preston was simply saying "oh no", his new favorite word. He didn't understand why Daddy wouldn't clean his hand off so that he could get back to playing. But I bypassed all of that and began searching for the mess. You know the one I'm talking about. Preston didn't just poop into his hand. It began somewhere. It didn't take me long to find it smeared into the carpet behind the couch.

Let's just say our carpet isn't coming back from this one. It's a very good thing that we've alreayd started looking into replacing the carpet in the living room because if we hadn't we would be now.

And once the new carpet arrives Preston will have to spend his diaper free time outside, let's just hope it's warm enough by then.

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Mom said...

Your child cracks me up. Well, you too. I love the way you narrate your stories! We had a poop accident last week too! Aren't kids GREAT!