Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Compliment?

As I left my brother's baseball game this weekend, a woman turned to my Mom and asked her what year I high school.Italic I graduated. In '05. Not to mention that I was leaving with my almost two year old son. And I really don't think I look like I'm in high school anymore.

That got me thinking. When does it become a compliment when someone thinks that you are younger than you are? And when is it bursting your bubble?

I'm only 21, but I'm a Mommy so I think that kind of changes things for me. I don't mind when someone thinks I'm older because it's better than them giving me the look. That look that people sometimes give young parents that says that they can't possibly be a young parent and a good parent. In case you were wondering, I'm not. I'm a young parent and an amazing Mom.

Again I'm veering from the point.

At what point do women stop wanting to look older and start wanting to look younger? I feel like I'm at a standstill. The middle ground. I remember wanting to look older. Back in high school and soon after. It was such a compliment when someone told me I looked twenty-one. Now at twenty-one people think I look like I'm back in high school. That seems a little bit backwards to me. I don't really want to look older anymore. But I don't mind if someone thinks I am. Is there an age when that feeling goes away? An age where getting "carded" makes my night?

I hope that when I hit that age where I start to feel old someone will ask my Mom what year I high school.


Jaidean said...

I'd say around 27-28. I got asked last week if I was my younger sister's mom...yeah, fun times! :)

Courtney said...

I get asked what HS I go to all the time. And I don't look like a HS student at all, I'm 23!!

Tabitha Blue said...

That's a hard question to answer and I'm right with ya, don't really want people to think I'm older, but not necessarily younger either :)

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean. Having said that, I'd LOVE if people thought I was in highschool. :) I rarely get carded at restaurants these days for alcohol, sooo sad. :(


Sheena said...

I was 19 when Sly was born. Whenever I would go shopping with my mom, she would want to hold the baby or push the cart with him in it. I drove me nuts! People would always compliment her or ask her about Sly! I quickly learned to take control and be the pusher/holder, but then I got the look or they still asked my mom! At 24, I still get the "you look like you are 12" with or without the kids. That is demeaning. If atleast they could give me the highschool advantage! Seriously, how many 12 year olds have sagging mommy boobs this big?