Monday, April 27, 2009

Big Trucks

It must be a boy thing because Preston is obsessed with trucks. We didn't push them at him or encourage him to like trucks over dolls, he just does. For the record though, I'm a little relieved. I'd rather have him carrying around boy toys like cars and trucks then requesting that I buy him a babydoll with matching stroller. Not that I wouldn't love him the same either way.

As we drive down the road these days he's really begun to show an interest in the trucks that we pass on our way to our desination. Or if he's starting to doze and we have somewhere to be, I call out truck and he's wide awake and looking. This is only a problem when there isn't a single truck to be found.

Once the trucks pass us by he tell me "more, more". He would like to see more trucks please.

Last Monday Preston got very lucky. We stopped by the family business to go to lunch with my sister. Being that the family business is selling ice cream there were plenty of large trucks to be found. Not just any ice cream by the way; the good stuff Dreyers, Breyers, Ben & Jerrys, Hagen Daz, etc. Okay, family plug over. Anyways the only way I could get Preston to walk in like a big boy was to promise him that I'd take him to see the trucks.

Boy was he excited. Grandpa made good on my promise and grabbed the keys to one of the large trucks and away we went.

Preston would have been content to just stand near this truck. But lucky for him Grandpa opened it up and he was allowed to sit in the driver's seat. I had one extremely excited little boy on my hands.

Yay for Grandpa! Preston loved the big trucks. I'm sure we'll be back for another visit to the trucks soon.


Sheena said...

I see Gordon made it along for the truck expedition!

Your dad is so young! I forget that not everyone's dad was in his mid-40s when they were born. My dad is old now!

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