Saturday, April 4, 2009

Are You Serious?!

My husband is driving me crazy! I know shocker, right. I'm sure your husband never makes you want to pull all of your hair out. Don't lie. You know he does from time to time.

Brad was out of town for three days this week. As I'm sure you remember me mentioning before. Now don't get me wrong. We survived. But it's exhausting spending a few days as a single parent. Really and truly exhausting. It's fun too. It means that I don't have to share Preston with anyone else. But it also means that all of the responsibilities that come with having Preston are mine and mine alone to deal with. Hence the exhaustion.

So Brad comes home yesterday. He gives Preston the attention that Preston demanded upon hearing the front door open. He cuddles, he plays, he gives me a little break. It's great. Until I realize that Preston is now sitting on the couch next to Brad, who is sleeping. Ummm, that's great. Break over.

Brad then proceeded to sleep for four hours. Four hours on the day that he came home. The day that I should have been sleeping. Preston slept too, so I was able to hold back the fire breathing dragon in me and forgive him. I still got a break, so it didn't really matter if he was sleeping during it.

Fast forward to this morning. It was Brad's day to sleep in. He slept until eleven'o'clock. And had a four hour nap yesterday. How was he so tired?

I get that he was out of town working, but in my mind that was kind of like a paid with some work thrown in vacation. At the end of the day he went back to his hotel where he played on his laptop, watched TV, and just laid around. Sounds rough, I know. All the while I was back at home cleaning, cooking dinner, taking care of Preston, etc. I'm sure Brad was just dying of jealousy while he laid on a bed in a hotel room watching TV after eating a meal that he ordered just for him.

Moving on. Brad then complained about having to run around to carpet stores with me today. We're hoping to replace the carpet in the living room (Yay!) which means that we are getting some quotes. That was rough for him too. Especially when Preston fell asleep in the car. Which meant that I ran into the carpet stores to browse while Brad sat in the car with Preston. How can I not feel bad for him, that must have been rough.

We arrive home and while I take Preston out to play in the backyard in the glorious sunshine, Brad plops down on the couch to watch a movie. Have I mentioned he has it rough?

Luckily for him he's started to make up for all of these infractions against him. First by helping me pull Preston out of the hole in the fence. Yes, my son got stuck in a hole in the fence while we were outside playing. The cat had jumped through it and Preston wanted to follow. As I headed over to stop him I realized the hole was much larger than I thought, as evidenced by the fact that the upper half of Preston's body had now disappeared into my neighbor's yard. Then by helping me make dinner. But mostly by giving putting Preston to bed when I felt sick after eating said dinner.

Hmmm, the thought just crossed my mind that I felt ill after Brad fed me the dinner that he made. Do you think that was just a coincidence?


Nicole said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel..but love your little trick!

Nicole said...

LOL thanks for the tip in entering!What were you talking about blogging like 4 to 5 times when you commented on that ladies site? I blogged her but didn't understand what you meant

KatBouska said...

My husband is a sleeper ALL the time...trip or no trip. It drives me nuts, so I totally feel for you.

Yay for new carpet though!!

Nicole said...

Hey how do you get your signature to automaticly post at the end of your posts?

Tiffany said...

Don't worry mine is driving me nuts too. Really drove me crazy on saturday when I was taking Jaeden to an egg hunt on post. Brad decided he'd rather sleep then go to Jae's first hunt and then preceded to sleep until 2:30PM! I wasn't a very happy wife! Men... lol