Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Advice Straight From Me to You

If you have a list when you make a quick run to Target. And said list consists of:

Clorox Wipes
Ziploc Baggies
Garbage Bags
A Knob for the Bathroom Drawer
A Replacement Shelf for the Bathroom (since Brad broke the one we had)

Do not veer from said list. Stick to the list!

And if by some random chance you do decide to enter a department that does not contain anything on the list, just to browse, do just that browse.

Note to self, browsing does not include touching. Keep your hands to yourself.

But if you do decide to touch on of the purses that you are browsing through, under no circumstances should you pick it up, unzip it, and begin to examine the layout of the inside.

You are just browsing. A quick walk through would be sufficient. Once you've touched the purse and examined the inside, even begun to imagine your belongings filling up the inside; there is no way that you are going to be able to put it back. Somehow it will end up in your shopping cart.

You will continue on with your shopping about to be $26.99 + tax poorer but you will be the proud owner of this beauty.

Because you have already veered from the very strict list that you entered with already, avoid any and all possible tempting areas of the store from here on out.

This means that you shouldn't walk down the toy aisles. For no reason. Especially since you have a little boy in your cart and where the purses were your weakness, the toy aisle is his.

If you should enter these aisles, stay strong. There is no real reason for you to pick up some cars and hold them up and tell him to pick one. You are just feeling guilty because you have allowed yourself to grab a purse that you didn't need and trying to diffuse this guilt by buying something for your son. It is especially not wise to tell your son that he can have just one of the cars when he just so happens to have two hands. He is definitely going to end up leaving the toy section with a car for each hand.

On second thought, buy the purse and the cars. You only live once and they were both well worth it. The purse was a necessity. You have to carry your stuff somehow. And the cars resulted in your child sitting calmly in the cart for the rest of the trip. A small price to pay for some peace and quiet while browsing around in Target.


Nicole said...

That is SO cute!! I need a purse not a shoulder bag that is more a diaper bag then anything!!

Nicole said...

Yeah we could meet up with my sister in law too! Monica will be there too..maybe over some warm coffee I hope it isn't cold~

Anonymous said...

Hello Kim, I'm Avie from the Mommy and Me group. We havent' yet met, but I just wanted to say that you are hilarious! Love the blog :)