Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Our appraisal is tomorrow. I'm beyond nervous!

This complete stranger is going to come out and decide whether or not I've failed as a homemaker. Is my bathroom clean enough? Did I put everything where it actually should go? And how on earth do you hide the messes in a closet when she is going to go through every room in my house to find a value?

Brad keeps reminding me that this lady is not coming out tomorrow to look at how clean my house is. Rather that my house would probably appraise for the same value whether it's dirty or clean.

I don't believe him.

If my house is clean I'm sure that it will look much nicer and therefore Amy, our appraiser, will think "WOW, let's add a few zeros to that number!"

What do you think? Does a clean house add to the value of your home or not make a difference?

Wish us luck! I'm sure once all of this madness is over I will feel like I have the time to tell you about all of the other exciting things going on in our lives right now.


Courtney said...

appraisors seriously dont look at how clean your house is at all. its their job to figure out the value of the home itself, not the furniture or the housecleaning.

anyways if your not selling dont you want a LOWER value? wont a higher one make your taxes rise?

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Hi Kim, The last time we had an appraiser coming I was cleaning closets and under the stove, etc... It is just female instinct, handed down from MOM! They do not look at those things. Now, broken windows, moss on the roof... they look at that!