Monday, March 2, 2009

Living in a Construction Zone

There I said it.

Today is officially the day before our house becomes a warzone construction zone.

And it's not even recovered from our weekend of ripping out floors and laying new ones. Brad got a little over ambitious and not only removed our dining room and kitchen floors but also the basement hallway. Needless to say the basement will be floorless for a few days.

On a happy note, I love our new floors! And I will take pictures and show them to you as soon as we get the wood trim put back up. I'll be staining it tomorrow and then Brad will nail it up. Yay! A full room will be complete.

Bad news, our kitchen is about to be gutted. Starting tomorrow. When we tore off the baseboards in the kitchen we found what looks like mold. Not good. Especially with Preston being so little and so easily susceptible to the dangers of mold.

Our insurance and a company that specializes in home repairs came out today and gave me the news. We have tons of extra moisture coming in under the sink. Most likely caused from our ice dam this winter above the sink window.

They've decided that the best choice will be to pull out the cabinets and see how extensive it all is. He, being Bob of the home repair company, thinks that we might have to gut one of our indoor/outdoor walls and replace our insulation. Then move over to the wall that sits next to the sink and gut that one too. Ugh!

He says best case senario this will all take about 3-4 weeks! That's best case senario people. That's if everything goes smoothly and things aren't that bad. If they can salvage our cabinets under the sink and everything is in good enough condition to keep.

Worst case senario will take longer, much longer. He didn't say exactly and to be honest once he said that best case senario would take 3-4 weeks I started to hyperventilate. (We're having our home appraised next week for our refinance and I started visualizing our home value declining as they walk into a disaster that will eventually look nice, but right now is just a disaster.) Worst case is what happens if they have to tear our walls apart. Also if our cabinets aren't salvageable than they will have to order new ones for the whole kitchen. That could take a while.

I'm not even sure what to hope for at this point. I want my kitchen back. I want my house back. It's rough living in a construction zone with a toddler. But if we're already paying the deductible this small part of me says that it would be pretty awesome to get a new kitchen out of it for no added cost. Added time yes, but not a penny more costwise to us.

I have no idea what they're going to end up doing until they start ripping things apart, but I'll be sure to let you know.

Cross your fingers for us. What you're crossing your fingers for I'm not sure. What would you be hoping for, a quick repair or a new kitchen?


Linda said...

I haven't seen your house, so nothing against your old kitchen, but seeing as how I spend 80% of my waking time at home in the kitchen, I'd ALWAYS be crossing my fingers for a new kitchen ;)

Kaitlin said...

I bet your appraiser for the refinancing will actually think it's great you're getting a new kitchen. That's one of the things people say you get all your money back for.

Kelly said...

I would have to agree with Linda. I secretly wish that we had an ice dam which would get me new cabinets. :D Good luck! Let me know if you need any help or anything.

Mom said...

It would be nice to have a new kitchen! However, I remmeber when my mom redid their kitchen and we had a "makeshift" kitchen on the back deck and in the laundry room. We set up a camping stove on the back deck and in our laundry room we had a sink we used to watch dishes and a big piece of plywood across the washer and dryer for a counter top! Not fun. I am crossing my fingers for a quick fix!

The Butterfields said...

Definitely hoping for a new kitchen!! That was the FIRST thing (well, besides the dream of a monstrous master bathroom...) that I check out when we're house hunting. The appraiser will definitely be in favor of that! :) Good luck!