Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It Has Been Decided

After much teasing and waiting, we have finally been told what is going to happen with our kitchen. We will be getting new countertops and tiles, but they are going to rebuild our cabinets and pull the faces off of the old ones. Since the faces weren't damaged our adjuster doesn't see any reason to replace all of our cabinets, what with the cost and everything.

Cheapskate! I really wanted new cabinets. And after all of the pressure from Covington Construction to have placed our order last week because "our insurance would come around" I'm so glad that we didn't. While I want new cabinets, I am not willing to foot the bill for them.

However if they damage the faces of our cabinets at all when removing them, we will get new cabinets. Cross your fingers people! I want new cabinets.

On the positive side since we aren't going to have to wait around for the cabinets to be ordered I should have a fully functioning kitchen in about two weeks. That will be nice. Can't say I'm going to miss having half the counters and the walls ripped out. Not one bit.

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Nicole said...

I love purses and I wish I had more cash on me at the time I think I would of bought the leather one too :P I am horrible..but hey my birthday is at the end of the month. I can justify it that way..