Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Little Things

You know how a complete stranger can make or break your day sometimes?

All it takes is a harsh word to ruin a moment or a kind one to make it better.

On Sunday while we were at the zoo Preston had a few meltdowns and tested the boundaries more than once. By the time we were leaving the Northern Trail exhibit, I was at my breaking point. He was refusing to listen and I was tired of people walking around his temper tantrums and tired of trying to calm him down when all I wanted to do was run in the opposite direction to save my sanity, or what I had left of it.

Itwas at this moment that Preston decided to lift his legs up and refuse to stand back up. Which shouldn't be difficult because we are bigger than Preston so we can just pick him up and carry him. That is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when Preston turns himself into a deadweight that squirms.

As we are fighting this in the middle of the trail, people are just walking around us. They are trying not to stare but in all reality I can see the little looks they are casting our way as they walk by with their children holding their hands as angelic as can be. I'm thinking in my head that at least this latest rebellion is just physical, he could be screaming too. That would be worse. All in all I'm feeling particularly sorry for myself.

Then an angel walks by. No seriously. She made my day! As she walks by with an tiny baby in a stroller, a larger baby in a front pack, and is followed by her toddler and husband. She turns and smiles at me. Doesn't pretend that she can't see the obvious battle of Preston vs. me and Brad. And she gives a little laugh and says, "Ahh, jello legs I remember those days." Then smiles pointedly at the incredibly well behaved toddler holding her husband's hand behind her.

That was all it took to make the situation seem that much better. Seven words. Five seconds of her day. And she didn't even have to slow down as she walked by.

I suddenly felt hope. And less embarassment. Preston is not the first toddler ever to meltdown with an audience. And he won't be the last. But she also showed me that even the most well behaved appearing children have meltdowns. But, here's the best part, they grow out of it. And move on. And become the perfectly behaved little boy that I saw walking through the zoo holding his Daddy's hand.

I'm not sure if she realized that I was about to drop into a black hole that could be better labeled as a mental breakdown. Or if she just remembered what it felt like to be in my shoes. In all honestly I don't care why she took those five seconds and dedicated them to making my day a little less bleak. Because it worked. I was able to put a smile on my face and calmly convince Preston to stand back up so that we could move on to the next exhibit. And for that I am incredibly grateful to her.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Popping In

I'm still alive and kicking, I promise.

I've just been on a small hiatus from the blogging world.

Really it hasn't been my fault. We've been painting the kitchen and the bathroom otherwise known as living at Lowes or Home Depot.

I've been fighting with the construction company about our kitchen. I will get into that one with you all later. Let me just tell you now, they are done working here. But only in the sense that they better not think I'm letting them back into my house again. My kitchen is still unfinished.

But the main reason that the blog has been left untouched for the last week. The place that all of my attention has been during bedtime and naptimes? What could steal me away from you like that? Cause me to forget all about everything going on around me? Make me stay up until two in the morning two nights in a row?

I will tell you.

The Twilight Saga!

I'm entirely obsessed. I can't help myself. I picked up the first book just to see what all the hype was about. Then raced out the very next afternoon to buy the next three. I've been going through them like crazy. I'm on the last book tonight. If I finsish it tomorrow, that means that I will have read all four books in just four days. That's how good they are!

I must go. The book is calling. Or maybe that's bed because I'm exhausted. Either way it looks like I'll be up late reading. I must find out how it all ends!

Let me leave you with a happy thought, I got my laptop back today! And it seems to actually be fixed. It only took two plus months. But who's counting.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lack of Sleep

I like to sleep. In fact I'm a need my sleep kind of girl. My world turns upside down when I don't get enough sleep. Everything makes me cranky. Nothing makes me smile. All I want to do is hibernate on the couch with my comforter and watch TV all day.

Preston doesn't feel the same way.

Last night, the mild cough that Preston went to bed with turned into something much much worse.

Just as I was going to bed.

He slept just fine for the three and a half hours between his bedtime and mine. But the moment my head touched the pillow the coughing fits began.

It started slow. A couple of coughs, I'd hear him get comfortable again and he'd fall back asleep. After about fifteen minutes of this, he woke up cranky and tired. And he wanted Mommy to fix it. The problem, I couldn't.

So instead of going to sleep, I spent the next hour trying to help Preston get comfortable. Rearranging his blankets, cuddling with him, rubbing his forehead, telling him it was okay, and trying to keep him elevated in hopes that if he was propped up it would help his cough. Sometime during this hour his nose also started to run. And run is a loose term for the faucet that his nose became.

Finally he fell asleep. You'd think that since I was that much more tired than I was when I went to bed, that I would've too. But Preston had moved to our bed for all of the cuddling. Not a big deal since he does this everynight anyways, but last night was a little bit different.

Last night Preston wanted to cuddle. And not just for a minute. If I moved my arm away from him he woke up crying. If I tried to put some distance between us, he woke up crying. If I tried to move his legs off mine, he woke up crying.

I love to cuddle. Except when I want to sleep. I need my space. And not a ton of space, but I do need some sort of space. The kind of space that Preston wasn't willing to give me last night.

I had to make a decision between him sleeping and me sleeping. Guess who won? That's right Preston did. He usually does.

Eventually I fell asleep. I know that I did because two hours later Preston was back up. Crying and fussing and coughing and sniffling.

This time he didn't want to cuddle, he just wanted to go to sleep by himself. So into his crib he went. And with a flip onto his belly and a quick snuggle with his blankie, he was back to sleep.

For an hour and a half. Just 90 minutes. That brings my total sleep for the night up to three and a half hours. THREE AND A HALF HOURS!

This time Preston wasn't going back to sleep. Partially because he couldn't stop coughing long enough to go to sleep, partially because he couldn't breathe out of his nose, partially because Brad started talking to me. Either way, we were up.

Up at the crack of dawn. Scratch that we were up before dawn had even cracked. It was 5am and it was still pitch black outside.

I stuck him in the bathtub to clear him out with the steam and it seemed to help. But he still wasn't ready to go back to bed. I was, but my opinion meant nothing.

An episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Arthur, and some other PBS show later Preston was willing to put going back to bed up for discussion. Yes, we spent the early morning hours on the couch watching TV. I was tired, he was willing to sit down and let me rest.

We slept for a little over an hour before Preston was up and ready to go. Once again, me not so much. I spent the first hour that we were up curled up on the couch with my comforter, cursing cold season and whoever it was that gave Preston his cold. I'm fairly certain it was Brad. So he was the object of my sleep deprived wrath. And he will serve out his punishment when he gets home from work and I crawl back into bed while he entertains the child that has limitless energy.

I thought that kids required more sleep than adultS? Something about their growing bodies and how they are learning so much, blah blah blah. Clearly that is not true in our house today.

I Did It

Brad was watching SpongeBob the other day, yes my husband watches SpongeBob, and Preston was enjoying the show with him. All of a sudden one of the characters starts to say "I did it, I did it". Preston must have been taking this all in because he jumps down from Brad's lap and starts running around the living room yelling, "I did it, I did it". Over and over. It was absolutely adorable. And his first three word phrase. We were so excited!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funny Brad-ism

Brad would totally kill me for sharing this one. In fact after he did it I told him I was going to blog it and his exact words were, "No, you're not". Good thing he doesn't read the blog! (I know, how can he not!)

I walked into the bedroom tonight to hang up some clothes in our closet. While I was doing that Brad was standing at his laptop at our dresser. He was apparently reading something funny. And I say this because he laughed. And here's the funny part, then he said, "LOL!".

I called him on it and he laughed and said he had no idea why he actually said lol after he'd already actually laughed out loud. Do you think he plays on the computer much? What gave it away?

PS. Don't tell him I shared this with you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Leave Me Alone...Please

I am not a talk to strangers kind of person.

Sure if you seem friendly enough, I'll have one of those quick passing by conversations. But if I don't know you, don't expect much.

It's not that I'm trying to be rude, it's just that first meetings are awkward. Even more so when you aren't trying to meet anyone new at the moment.

Does that sound harsh? I don't mean it to be.

Perhaps my parents just drilled that don't talk to strangers thing into my head and it really stuck?

Let's go with that. Blame the parents.

Let me clarify. When I say that I don't talk to strangers that doesn't include new people that I'm supposed to be meeting. It means that random person in a store who for some reason wants you to stop and chat with them. About what? I'm not really sure.

Or that strange lady in the McDonalds play area. You know the one who will not leave you alone. Even though you're trying to shovel food into your mouth and your toddlers, while having a conversation with your Mom. That lady.

I met her last week.

We arrived for a late lunch. And I knew that I was going to have my hands full with Preston since he was much more interested in playing than sitting down to enjoy his happy meal. Go figure right? I'm not even sure why they include tables and chairs out there because no toddler is really going to sit down and eat when there are slides to be conquered and tunnels to be explored.

As soon as we walked in this lady is all up in my space. How old is my son? 19 months. Does he want to come play in the tunnels with her daughter? Well yes, but I would actually like him to eat. Thanks for asking. And on and on.

Bear with me, I'm not trying to sound like a brat. But like I said I was trying to eat. And it's not like I was there by myself. I was with my Mom. I was attempting to converse with her, which was already difficult enough with Preston deciding that he was done eating after each french fry.

I attempted to put forth effort in befriending this woman after my Mom left. Clearly she was lonely. Being a stay at home parent can be lonely. I get that. That's why I'm involved in not one, but three Mom's groups. To keep busy.

Then things turn a turn for the worst.

As I was picking up our table and throwing away our garbage, I look up to see my son hit her daughter. And to be clear, it wasn't a super hard hit or a punch or anything even remotely serious. He girl hit her. And she girl hit him back. Which the turned into them both girl hitting each other. It was actually a little comical. I want you to picture my son and a 2 year old little girl with their hands out in front of each other flopping up and down. Kind of like they would if they'd been doing some sort of a handshake.

Still my parenting instincts kicked in and I headed over to break up the fight. As did the little girl's Mom. She got their first since she was closer than I was. After separating the two, we both stood gaurd over our children. And then Preston attempted to move the little girl out of his way to get to a toy on the other side of her.

The little girl's Mom looks at me and asks, "Is he in daycare?" I'm a little confused for a moment and attempting to get my child in line, so I respond with a quick no. But she doesn't stop there, oh no. She stops and thinks for a minute and says, "Oh...is he around other kids a lot?"

WHOA, hold on there. It sounds to me like this complete stranger in McDonalds has just started to judge my parenting and I'm pretty sure it's being found below par. I attempt some sort of a smile and say that yes my child is around other children, but he is also only 19 months old, so this whole sharing thing and interacting with other kids thing is new to him. He's still learning.

I was more than a little offended. I am so tired of other parents judging mine and others' parenting styles. What works for you might not work for me. And not only that but your daughter hit my son back. You know just in case we were keeping score.

Rather than make a scene in McDonalds, I grab Preston's coat and decide it is definitely time to get out of there. I was going to invite this woman to join one of my totally awesome Mom's groups because she truly does seem lonely, but now she has not only invaded my space but decided that I'm failing as a parent. And to be honest, I don't feel like seeing her again.

Oh, and I must mention that as I'm putting Preston in his coat, her daughter runs over and pushes him. Hmmm, is your daughter in daycare or around other kids a lot?

No, I didn't say it. Rather I just focused on getting out of there as quickly as possible. I was tired of being forced into conversation by a complete stranger. Tired of trying to be friendly only to be not so subtly told that I'm lacking as a parent.

I realize that I am very likely overreacting. I'm pretty known for doing that. But still. I can't stand people who act like they've got this whole parenting thing completely figured out. You don't. It's a lie. I don't care if you have one child, two, or three; no one is a perfect parent. All of our kids act out. All of them go through a bad phase. The great part is that kids go through so many changes so you won't be stuck in the same phase for very long.

While Preston is currently figuring out how to share and play with other kids, soon he will understand that hitting isn't nice and friends share. I don't expect him to be there at 19 months. I know that we are getting there, but it's a process.

Can't I get a little bit of sympathy? Instead of a huge helping of judgement? I'm doing the best that I can. We all are.

In much happier McDonalds news, Preston tackled the slide all by himself. Not just once but twice. And he wasn't even scared. He just gave a little wave and away he went.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Wave of My Hand

Anyone else noticed how lately everything everywhere is automatic?

I can use a public restroom without having to touch anything. The toliet flushes itself, the soap spits itself out, the sink just turns on, and the paper towels shoot out. All because I've waved my hand in front of them. Pretty convenient.

Recenly we even purchased a motion sensor garbage can for our house. It's amazing. When my hands are full, I don't have to do anything. I just stand there and move my fingers a little and voila. It opens.

Even Preston has started to take advantage of it. When I ask him to throw something away for me, he runs straight to the garbage can, and works his magic.

To say that we love our garbage can would be an understatement. However recently it has started to cause some problems for me.

Namely when I found myself standing in front of one of our cabinets for a few moments. Waving my hand. And becoming more and more irritated that the cabinet would not just open. That is until I realized that the cabinet was not motion sensored. It was actually going to require some work on my part.

Now that could have been embarassing had somebody else been in the kitchen with me. Luckily I was able to keep that one to myself. I know that I can trust you to do the same.

I figured it was a one time deal. Everyone has a tired moment. That was mine.

Then I stayed at Tammy's house. Her garbage can is not automatic. And I know that. I'd just used it. But that didn't stop me from waving my hand over it several times and wondering if she needed to replace the batteries on her garbage can.

Nope, because the garbage can doesn't take batteries. You have to step on it and the lid opens. What a foreign concept. Once again I know you'll keep this to yourself. It could be a little embarassing if it got around that I'm that lazy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Everyday it Becomes More Clear to Me

My little boy is growing up. Becoming more independent. A little less afraid. More sure of himself.

Take a few weeks ago for example (I told you I'm playing catch up!), we went to Chuck E Cheese. Yes, again. I told you I love that place. And so does Preston. And Brad. It's a win-win situation.

To the point, Preston is no longer overwhelmed by the crowd that is most definitely to be excepted at Chuck E Cheese around dinner time. He just takes off and heads for the toys that he enjoys. He used to stick to my side like glue, not anymore. Now I run around chasing him. Making sure he plays nice. Standing back just far enough that he can play like a big boy, but not far enough away that he can get into any trouble.

This trip to Chuck E Cheese however was monumental. Preston braved the tunnels. Now we've been up in the tunnels before. And yes, I did just say we. I play in the tunnels too. I figure what with the obesity rate in children these days, I'm probably smaller than some of the kids that play up there.

After going up once with me, Preston attempted to head up by himself. Only this time he did more than just attempt. He made it! Can you believe it?! Brad and I were shocked. I literally had to force myself not to climb up after him, you know just in case he got scared. Had nothing to do with the fact that I was terrified that my baby was playing up in the tunnels all by himself.

He survived. I did too, in case you were wondering. He even stopped and waved at us from up above. He didn't need me until it was time to come down. Preston wasn't quite ready to brave the tunneled slide by himself just yet. That's okay, neither was I.

The next night he furthered proved how grown up he is. Instead of eating off the tray that attatches to his highchair, he ate at the table. Just like us. And he didn't have any problems. I am so excited to not have to clean that tray after dinner anymore. It's such a pain, it says "Not Dishwasher Safe". What!? All things child related should be required to be dishwasher safe. Just sayin'.

Preston hasn't grown up all the way. Thank goodness. He still needs me for things, other than changing his diaper and feeding him. When we stayed at my MIL's house last week, Preston proved that we share a common fear.

The dark. That's right, go ahead and laugh. I don't like the dark. It terrified me. I still sleep with the closet light on. Drives Brad crazy.

Preston would throw his balls down Tammy's, my MIL, stairs and then require me or another adult to take him down to grab the balls. At least until we turned the light down there on.

Then he was good to go. Until he threw the ball into Brad's old bedroom. It's really dark in there. Probably because there aren't any windows.

He came racing up to get me. Dragged me down and showed me his dilemma. A flip of the light switch and he's good to go.

Here's hoping that he outgrows his fear of the dark, since I sure didn't!

And my baby still hasn't out grown the cuddling stage. He likes to curl up next to me or in my lap when he watches movies. Or wants to hear a book. Or just needs a little bit of a cuddle.

He has grown up in his movie selection though. Preston's new favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Cars. He loves the turtles and fish in Nemo. And Cars, is pretty self explanatory. He's a boy and boys love cars.

In fact he loves Finding Nemo so much that when we were at Home Depot the other day it caused a little bit of a problem. My sister was walking him around while we grabbed the paint we needed. I looked over just in time to see her attempt to grab him and head back towards us and see him flip out. He did not want to leave what he was looking at.

Curious and nice enough to save my sister from a full blown temper tantrum, I head over. What is it that Preston had found, you ask? Finding Nemo wallpaper and very large stickers to match.

How cute is that? You know minus the temper tantrum and whatnot. Brad even went as far as sugguesting that we buy them and add them to the decor of his bedroom.

No sir! We are finally done decorating his room. No way am I starting over with Finding Nemo. Especially since who knows how long that will be his favorite movie.

Speaking of Finding Nemo, Preston also copies some of the things from the movie. Today when Nemo started calling out "Dad, Dad", Preston began walking around the house calling out "Dad, Dad". And there is a scene where the fish in the tank initiate Nemo. They chant, "Hoo, ha, ha, ha, Hoo, ha, ha, ha" and other noises like that. Preston has spent the last week or so walking around the house chanting that too. I couldn't figure out what he was saying until Brad told me that he was copying the fish in Nemo. Hilarious!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It Has Been Decided

After much teasing and waiting, we have finally been told what is going to happen with our kitchen. We will be getting new countertops and tiles, but they are going to rebuild our cabinets and pull the faces off of the old ones. Since the faces weren't damaged our adjuster doesn't see any reason to replace all of our cabinets, what with the cost and everything.

Cheapskate! I really wanted new cabinets. And after all of the pressure from Covington Construction to have placed our order last week because "our insurance would come around" I'm so glad that we didn't. While I want new cabinets, I am not willing to foot the bill for them.

However if they damage the faces of our cabinets at all when removing them, we will get new cabinets. Cross your fingers people! I want new cabinets.

On the positive side since we aren't going to have to wait around for the cabinets to be ordered I should have a fully functioning kitchen in about two weeks. That will be nice. Can't say I'm going to miss having half the counters and the walls ripped out. Not one bit.

Some Advice Straight From Me to You

If you have a list when you make a quick run to Target. And said list consists of:

Clorox Wipes
Ziploc Baggies
Garbage Bags
A Knob for the Bathroom Drawer
A Replacement Shelf for the Bathroom (since Brad broke the one we had)

Do not veer from said list. Stick to the list!

And if by some random chance you do decide to enter a department that does not contain anything on the list, just to browse, do just that browse.

Note to self, browsing does not include touching. Keep your hands to yourself.

But if you do decide to touch on of the purses that you are browsing through, under no circumstances should you pick it up, unzip it, and begin to examine the layout of the inside.

You are just browsing. A quick walk through would be sufficient. Once you've touched the purse and examined the inside, even begun to imagine your belongings filling up the inside; there is no way that you are going to be able to put it back. Somehow it will end up in your shopping cart.

You will continue on with your shopping about to be $26.99 + tax poorer but you will be the proud owner of this beauty.

Because you have already veered from the very strict list that you entered with already, avoid any and all possible tempting areas of the store from here on out.

This means that you shouldn't walk down the toy aisles. For no reason. Especially since you have a little boy in your cart and where the purses were your weakness, the toy aisle is his.

If you should enter these aisles, stay strong. There is no real reason for you to pick up some cars and hold them up and tell him to pick one. You are just feeling guilty because you have allowed yourself to grab a purse that you didn't need and trying to diffuse this guilt by buying something for your son. It is especially not wise to tell your son that he can have just one of the cars when he just so happens to have two hands. He is definitely going to end up leaving the toy section with a car for each hand.

On second thought, buy the purse and the cars. You only live once and they were both well worth it. The purse was a necessity. You have to carry your stuff somehow. And the cars resulted in your child sitting calmly in the cart for the rest of the trip. A small price to pay for some peace and quiet while browsing around in Target.

Nothing Like Being Caught with Ritz Cheese Crackers All Over Your Floor

Our appraiser arrived 20 minutes early today. 20 minutes!

I was not ready.

In fact I'd just gotten out of the shower and put some clothes on when our doorbell rang.

Had she been on time, instead of early, I would've accomplished much more. I just know it.

For example I would have vacuumed up all of the Ritz Cheese Crackers that are currently residing all over my bedroom floor. Preston dumped them out last night and has been treating it as a 24 hour buffet that he holds a VIP card too.

Really it's been open 24 hours. As evidenced by the fact that my son who sleeps in on average until 8am everyday, and 10 am since the time change, was up at 5:30am this morning. 5 freaking 30. I am not a morning person. Preston on the other hand was up and perky. And snacking on those Ritz Crackers that he left out for later. At least he won't starve.

Back to the point, I totally would have vacummed those up. I'll bet that would've added tens of thousands of dollars to our home value. Thanks for screwing that up for us Preston! Looks like his dreams of going to college, they've been dashed. We just won't be able to afford it, all because our appraiser arrived 20 minutes early and Preston felt the need to add a 24 hour floor buffet to the pictures that were taken. Maybe she'll look at those pictures while she's hungry and it will work in our favor?

Fortunately our dining room was completely finished! I'm thinking that it will make up for the crackers on the floor in my bedroom. You know if the appraiser was judging us by how clean our house was. Which after her quick run through of our house I'm guessing she wasn't.

Want to see the dining room? You do, well here it is:
I love our new floors. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Our appraisal is tomorrow. I'm beyond nervous!

This complete stranger is going to come out and decide whether or not I've failed as a homemaker. Is my bathroom clean enough? Did I put everything where it actually should go? And how on earth do you hide the messes in a closet when she is going to go through every room in my house to find a value?

Brad keeps reminding me that this lady is not coming out tomorrow to look at how clean my house is. Rather that my house would probably appraise for the same value whether it's dirty or clean.

I don't believe him.

If my house is clean I'm sure that it will look much nicer and therefore Amy, our appraiser, will think "WOW, let's add a few zeros to that number!"

What do you think? Does a clean house add to the value of your home or not make a difference?

Wish us luck! I'm sure once all of this madness is over I will feel like I have the time to tell you about all of the other exciting things going on in our lives right now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I've Fallen Off the Wagon

The blogging band wagon that is. I swear I'm about to make a comeback. This whole ordeal with our kitchen is just taking a lot more time and energy than I'd thought it would. But I promise I will start playing catch up will all of you tonight. Cross my heart!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Was Our Kitchen

The construction company sent people out this morning.

Which was awesome minus the fact that they didn't call first or anything, so when they knocked, I was hanging out in my lounge pants and tank top, unshowered and braless. Good times.

They didn't seem to mind though since they only had eyes for my kitchen. One of them was very impressed by my new wood floors, I might add!

I'd just started a load of dishes, well half a load, because I knew that they'd be removing my dishwasher for a day or two and I do not like to handwash anything. In fact I don't think that I've handwashed anything since we got the new dishwasher last year. We picked one that would do everything for me! And when they arrived they wanted to know how long was left. In an attempt to be nice I told them they could just shut it off and I'd fnish the cycle when they left being that the timer on my dishwasher declared that there were still a whole 64 minutes left. How naive of me. They laid it on me. I may not have a dishwasher for the duration of this whole project! Like no dishwasher at all. WHAT!? That is almost a fate worse than death if you ask me. Fortunately Brad says there is a way to leave it hooked up and he is calling them tonight to see if he can get them to do whatever it takes to keep me from losing my dishwasher. I love my husband!

Steve, the guy running our job, and his partner in crime, who's name I didn't catch, began the demo just as my dishwasher cycle ended. Steve started off by informing me that at the very least I will be getting new countertops and surrounding tiles. Well if you insist Steve. I'm not one to stand in the way of getting something new for no extra cost.

After tearing apart my cabinets Steve and his PIC, (partner in crime) who's name I really will try to catch tomorrow, decided that it is there opinion that my cabinets are garbage. They simply can't be saved. Why you ask? Because I had a whole village of mold living under them. That village doesn't take kindly to the cabinets that were blocking them from spreading into the rest of my kitchen. Thanks for taking one for the team cabinets.

And PIC almost gave me a full blown heart attack. While Steve was outside, I asked if they could tell what had caused the mold. Our homeowners insurance actually doesn't cover mold since it's considered negligence. We are only up for coverage because I had our agent out after our icedam a few weeks back and he told me not to worry about it, it wasn't a big deal. Now it's a big deal. And because I tried to prevent the problem, it isn't considered negligence. Go me!

Back to the point. PIC said that they were still attempting to determine what had caused the problem. Since they'd only torn out one cabinet at that point, he said it could have been the ice dam or from an unnoticed leak. Not good. An unnoticed leak is considered negligence. And my husband is a plumber, wouldn't he have noticed an unnoticable leak?!

The answer is yes, he would have. After ripping out half of the kitchen and the drywall and insulation in one of our walls, Steve told me that this was most definitely caused by the ice dam. Breath a sigh of relief with me. The mold growth up the wall to the kitchen window proved that. This means that our insurance will be covering the problem.

Now we are waiting to have a utility sink hooked up tomorrow. Until then we have no water in our kitchen, so it looks like we won't be eating at home tonight. Not to mention that there is a machine running in our kitchen to clean the air. And the putrid smell of chemicals from cleaning up the mold.

Have I mentioned how difficult it is to have a 19 month old when your house is in the middle or major repairs? Preston can't play upstairs because of the kitchen and he can't play downstairs because the hallway is still unfloored and things are everywhere down there. What's a stay at home mom to do? We will be heading down to buy a Mobius pass and if you want to have us over to play we definitely won't turn you down!

As for whether or not we will get a brand new kitchen, that remains to be seen. Steve is one step in determining that. He says yes, let's replace everything. Then our insurance adjuster says yes or no. And finally both Steve and the insurance adjuster sit down and make a joint decision about what's going to happen. Hopefully they do soon. I hate not having any sort of a kitchen and the suspense is killing me! Luckily Steve says that my insurance company, State Farm, is awesome and that they like to get things taken care of quickly and typically do what's best for the client, that would be me.

Thanks my readers, for telling me that the appraiser will probably love that I'm getting a new kitchen. That thought hadn't even crossed my mind and now I feel so much better about having them out to appraise our house in the midst of all of this. And you've all convinced me, I'm hoping for a new kitchen!

Now for some pictures.

This was our kitchen when we moved in...
These two pictures kind of show what our kitchen looked like in the last few months...

Prepare yourself, this is our kitchen in it's current state...

Quite a difference, huh?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Living in a Construction Zone

There I said it.

Today is officially the day before our house becomes a warzone construction zone.

And it's not even recovered from our weekend of ripping out floors and laying new ones. Brad got a little over ambitious and not only removed our dining room and kitchen floors but also the basement hallway. Needless to say the basement will be floorless for a few days.

On a happy note, I love our new floors! And I will take pictures and show them to you as soon as we get the wood trim put back up. I'll be staining it tomorrow and then Brad will nail it up. Yay! A full room will be complete.

Bad news, our kitchen is about to be gutted. Starting tomorrow. When we tore off the baseboards in the kitchen we found what looks like mold. Not good. Especially with Preston being so little and so easily susceptible to the dangers of mold.

Our insurance and a company that specializes in home repairs came out today and gave me the news. We have tons of extra moisture coming in under the sink. Most likely caused from our ice dam this winter above the sink window.

They've decided that the best choice will be to pull out the cabinets and see how extensive it all is. He, being Bob of the home repair company, thinks that we might have to gut one of our indoor/outdoor walls and replace our insulation. Then move over to the wall that sits next to the sink and gut that one too. Ugh!

He says best case senario this will all take about 3-4 weeks! That's best case senario people. That's if everything goes smoothly and things aren't that bad. If they can salvage our cabinets under the sink and everything is in good enough condition to keep.

Worst case senario will take longer, much longer. He didn't say exactly and to be honest once he said that best case senario would take 3-4 weeks I started to hyperventilate. (We're having our home appraised next week for our refinance and I started visualizing our home value declining as they walk into a disaster that will eventually look nice, but right now is just a disaster.) Worst case is what happens if they have to tear our walls apart. Also if our cabinets aren't salvageable than they will have to order new ones for the whole kitchen. That could take a while.

I'm not even sure what to hope for at this point. I want my kitchen back. I want my house back. It's rough living in a construction zone with a toddler. But if we're already paying the deductible this small part of me says that it would be pretty awesome to get a new kitchen out of it for no added cost. Added time yes, but not a penny more costwise to us.

I have no idea what they're going to end up doing until they start ripping things apart, but I'll be sure to let you know.

Cross your fingers for us. What you're crossing your fingers for I'm not sure. What would you be hoping for, a quick repair or a new kitchen?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Giveaway

Not mine.

It's Courtneys. She is giving away a ring sling! I want it so bad. So head over and look at it, but please don't enter her contest. I don't want to have to compete with more of you!

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know. I swear I'll be back with more for you all later. We've had an exhausting weekend of tearing our old floors out and putting new ones in. It's almost done but not quite, so I'm technically not supposed to be on the computer right now. Shhhh, don't tell.