Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where do You Think He Learned It??

From the cats!! Brad is always letting them drink out of our bathroom sinks and the other day I walk in and there's Preston doing the same!! He was so proud of himself too, it was pretty funny. And it saves me some sippy cup cleaning!! Not that I'm encouraging this behavior or anything.

Speaking of the cats, they're all still alive and still living with us. But the best news of all?? They've stopped peeing around the house!! Apparently you aren't supposed to put their food and water with the liter boxes. Not that we did that or anything. Especially in a little closed off space under the stairs because we'd figured that it would keep Preston away from the liter boxes and the cat food and water. But separate the food and potty stations and wah-la no more kitty accidents. Something about not wanting to poop where you eat, who knew?!?!

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