Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Let me clarify. Wasted in the money down the drain sense as opposed to the had too much to drink version. Last night after a trip to Costco, I somehow found the energy to clear out freezer in the basement of all of the foods that have expired, gotten freezer burnt, been tried and disliked, you get the point. I was disgusted. With myself and my lack of frugalness where the groceries are concerned. I threw away $50 in meats that had gone bad. $50 people. Do you know what else I could have bought with $50?? Lots of things. A new pair of jeans, a new toy for Preston, shoes, Brad could have gotten some sort of a computer gadget; but instead I took that $50 and bought meat that I was just going to end up throwing away.

Oh and that's not all. I also pulled out 3-4 packages of bagels that had been buried in the freezer for so long that there was ice all around them. Straight to the garbage, those weren't salvageable. A package of white bread that we'd bought well over a year ago. I know that it was that old because we no longer eat that kind of bread, and haven't for a long while. Into the garbage. Along with frozen solid and broken into pieces packages of hotdog buns and hamburger buns. Not in the regular packs either but in the Costco size bags. Into the garbage bag. There was a few other items that got tossed in as well. A little piece of my wardrobe -that could have been- went right into that garbage bag with them. Metaphorically speaking of course, I wasn't about to add to the money that was already being thrown out by adding my perfectly good clothing to that already bursting garbage bag.

So I sit here before you, a new grocery shopper. One who will not buy food that she doesn't think we'll eat in a timely manner. Who will use up that meat that I bought before it goes bad. Who will check the basement freezer before I declare that we must go grocery shopping because we are out of everything. I refuse to let this happen again!!

Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one who has ever made a discovery like this??

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Kaitlin said...

Our first year of marriage I did that a lot and during the summer wasted a box of peaches... I've learned now. I've thrown lots of money into the garbage that way. But if you learn from your mistake... then it's okay.