Thursday, February 5, 2009

They're Back!!

They being Brad and his laptop. And not a moment too soon. I was starting to go computer crazy. And I missed Brad too!! Although who I missed more is possibly a toss-up!! lol.

As I've mentioned before I absolutely hate sitting downstairs in Brad's office at the desktop. Add in the fact that the basement is cold, Brad's office is messy, and that the cat water stinks and it's a recipe for disaster!! Just to be clear Brad's office is probably always going to be messy and since it's his room he can do whatever he wants in there, at least for the time being, without me telling him to go "clean his room". And usually the cat water doesn't smell funny, I swear we aren't those kind of dirty people. It really is because one day in my desperation to get on the computer (and check my facebook, yes I've fully become addicted!!) I let Preston over the baby gate that was locking him out of the room. BIG mistake!! There is a reason said baby gate is in place. Preston loves to take the cat food and scoop handfuls of it into the cat water. And if you let the cat food sit in the cat water for say a day, not that I do, it STINKS!! Horribly. And since it absolutely disgusts me, I leave it for Brad to deal with when he gets home and I just stick a clean bowl of water next to the dirty bowl of water. Dirty diapers I can handle, I'll wipe snotty noses with my bare hands, Preston has both peed and pooped all over me; but a bowl of stinky cat water no thank you.

But now they're back, so I can sit safely and comfortably in our non-smelly living room and play on the computer. It's so thrilling. Is it pathetically sad that I'm so excited about having a laptop back?? Maybe I'm so excited because of the not so encouraging news that I got from Best Buy this week. I called to ask about the status of my laptop on Wednesday because it was supposed to be done on Tuesday. After 10 minutes or so of them trying to find my laptop, I was informed that they'd just shipped it off to HP to be repaired and that it would take somwhere between 2-3 WEEKS to get it back. Talk about bursting my balloon. But enough about that, I'm sure that there are much more interesting things than my broken laptop.

Why is it that at the moment I can't think of anything else more pressing than Brad and my laptop being home??

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Mom said...

You're a dork... in the best way possible! I also have to let you know, again, how much I love your wedding pictures! The one of you trying to kiss Preston is CUTE! Also, in the one of you and Brad you have this look that says "That's right, I know I look good". TOO CUTE!