Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Little Giggle

As a mother I've learned that the cute and adorable can also get your heart beating faster than you ever imagined. You know the little giggle that you hear when you can't see your child?? The one that gets you up and moving as quick as you can. I didn't excel in gym class and running was definitely not my sport. But when Preston is out of sight and I hear that evil mischiveous laugh, I go running. Running in fear of what I'm going to find. Searching for what I didn't pick up that he found. Hoping to get there before the cat, who's tail he is pulling and tugging on, turns on him to teach him a lesson. Wishing I'd gotten there before he dumped a full Costco size bag of pretzels all over the floor. But when the moment is over I can't help but chuckle a little bit with him. He's so proud of his adventures and the look of absolute joy at what he's done is heart-melting. It's not like he hurt himself he was just exploring, testing the boundaries, learning about cause and effect.

This morning that moment happened while I was attempting to get us out the door before the day was more than half over. As I was putting my shoes on and grabbing his, I heard it. That small little giggle that gets your heart going. As I head downstairs I start running through a list of things he could've gotten into, things he could've destroyed, things I should prepare myself for. Only when I got downstairs he was just sitting there in front of the cat door that leads to the litter box room. Why the giggle?? What could he have possibly done?? Was he simply waiting for the cat to finish it's business?? Then I noticed. His little jaw moving up and down in the motions that one makes when eating something. Only there was one minor major problem. There was not a single thing on the floor or in the basement for him to snack on. Except. No it couldn't be. That is too disgusting. After a quick sniff of his breath and rooting around in his mouth, I discovered what he'd been eating. Kitty Liter!! Gross!! Luckily, or at least what I've been telling myself, it was just kitty liter and only little pieces of it. Nothing mixed in. Apparently when the cats climb out they spill a little over the ledge and it gets just within Preston's reach if he pushes himself up against the door as far as he can, while reaching his little hand back into that room as far as it'll go. A little dirty clean kitty liter never hurt anyone, right?? RIGHT?!?!

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Linda said...

My MIL caught her daughter eating poop out of the litter box...just be glad it was only litter :)