Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Slightly Busy Weekend

We were busier than usual this weekend. We headed over to Brad's hometown of Coulee City on Saturday, headed downtown for the motorcycle show and some duck feeding today, and if you add in my new addiction to Private Practice there just hasn't been much time for blogging. I promise I'll catch you all up sometime tomorrow and there will be pictures!

I got my laptop back today! Yay. That is until Brad tried to turn it on and get it all going for me while I laid Preston down for a nap. They replaced the motherboard and now my Windows Vista isn't registering. It says I have an invalid key because my key was assigned to a different motherboard. So straight back to Best Buy my laptop went. Not to mention that my power supply is still all messed up, so it only charges if it's positioned just a little bit this way and a tad that way. UGH!

Best Buy says it will be two more weeks. Added onto the already three weeks-ish that I've been without my computer. I hate sharing with Brad. And the best part is that if it does take them all fourteen days of that two weeks than the eleven remaining days on my Vista to figure all of this out will expire.

This same thing happened with Brad's laptop last year and they had to replace it because it was such a mess trying to sort out why the numbers on Vista didn't match on the motherboard. HP would say that we needed to call Microsoft, Microsoft would say that if the serial number was stolen they couldn't just give us access to it (understandable) and they would need to be contacted by HP, HP didn't care to deal with us and told us to go through Best Buy, Best Buy couldn't convince Microsoft without HP, and on and on. Finally they replaced Brad's laptop for him with a new one. But that was weeks upon weeks later.

I just want my laptop back. Now. Today. Yesterday even. I do not want to go through what we went through last year all over again.

Funny how when we asked Best Buy how that mistake with Brad's laptop could have been made, making it worthless, they told us it was SO rare for that to happen. And now it has happened again, and to us again!

That was quite the non blogging blog post. Can you tell that I'm irritated?

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Kelly said...

we went to the motorcycle show this morning too. Did you think it was lame this year too? Hope you guys had a fun weekend.