Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Floors!!

A quick trip to Costco tonight proved life-altering. Okay that's a lie. In fact it's more than one lie. It was not a quick trip to Costco. Really who makes quick trips to Costco, ever?? Even when you plan on just running in, somehow you leave with a basketful of stuff. That's just how Costco is, they suck you right in with their warehouse pricing and awesome goodies. And this trip wasn't quite life-altering. At least for us. My dining room floor might think differently. Along with the kitchen, hallways, and stairs. We found the most AMAZING pricing on wood flooring while we were there!!! Add on to that fact that I also just received a coupon from Costco in the mail for $8 off said floors and you've got a deal!! I am so excited!! We're heading back tomorrow or next week to pick all of it up. Then as soon as it gets a little bit warmer outside Brad will get to work installing my new floor. WooHoo!! I was in desperate need of new flooring as the carpet that is currently in these rooms is just sad looking. How many stains can cream carpet hold before it is begging to be replaced??

I will also be excitedly checking our budget, well maybe not excitedly who really gets excited about budgetting??, to see when we can replace the carpet in the living room. My house is going to look a hundred times more marvelous come summertime!!!

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