Friday, February 6, 2009

Escaping, "Prison Break" Style

I am not a morning person. I can admit it. Which means that no matter how early I get up, I'm still running behind when it's time to leave. So we're always late. Hmmm, we're usually late even if we don't have to be somewhere until later in the day either, so I'm not sure I can blame it on my lack of morning cheerfulness. Anyways, Friday was no different than most days. I'd made an appointment to get my oil changed and was determined not want to be late, Preston had other plans.

I'm running around the house a half hour before we have to leave getting Preston dressed, grabbing our shoes, putting the finishing touches on my make-up; when it occurs to me that if I'm getting my oil changed the people at Wendle are going to see the inside of my car. I don't even want my Mommy friends to see how dirty the inside of my car was that morning, and they have kids, so I definitely don't want to hand it over to a complete stranger so that he can pass all the judgements he wants on my messiness. With less than 20 minutes before our appt. I plop Preston on the couch with a Baby Einstein video and run out with a garbage bag to empty all of the junk out of my car as quick as I can.

As I'm doing this I swear I've heard a little giggle. I poke my head out from the driver's side and look towards the front door of the house that I'd left open just in case Preston needed me. I see nothing. However as I'm swinging back around to the car something catches the corner of my eye. It's my son making a beeline for the fence with no shoes on and pants that are now soaking wet and covered in dirt from his slide down the front steps. Where are his shoes you ask?? I delibrately left them off so that he wouldn't realize that I was going outside without him. Wrong move. Of course when he sees I'm coming for him, he makes a run for it and I have to chase him down all the while hoping and crossing my fingers that he doesn't fall in the muddy grass because that would mean I have to change more than just his socks and jeans.

Upon catching him I toss him in the front seat of my car so that he can "drive" while I finish emptying out all of the garbage. But when I head for the garbage can by the front of our house, Preston sees his opportunity and makes his move. I turn around just in time to see him slide out of the seat and make a run down the driveway. Doesn't he realize we're on a time crunch?? Obviously not. He's laughing and giggling the whole way down.

Once he's caught I toss him back in and close the door this time. He's not getting past me again. He doesn't give up that easily. He headed over the center consule for the passenger side door that I'd left open. This time I beat him to the punch.

I wonder if he misses playing outside?? At least I'm not the only one who can't wait for Spring.

I had to run inside and change his jeans and socks and by that time he was cold from all of his adventures in wet socks, wet jeans, and no coat. That'll teach him!! We were late getting to the dealer and my jeans were covered in the dirt/mud from carrying Preston as was my driver's seat. But the french fries and other snacks that were ALL over the backseat were picked up, so at least my car didn't look that bad.

As for Preston I have a feeling this little guy is going to keep me on my toes!!

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