Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Blogging Mom

Since joining the ranks of the "Blogging Mom's Club" (yes this is a club - at least in my mind -, you automatcially become a member with your first blog post about your child!), I have noticed a few changes in my behavior. Now when Preston does something incredibly outrageous I get a little chuckle and start formulating the post in my head. Well today Preston...or I can't believe he... It's a beautiful thing. It makes those hilarious, horrible, unbelievable things that he does so much more fun because I get to share them with you, my internet (and real life) friends.
But the biggest change in things that I do happens with my camera. I run for it. Desperate to catch photographic proof of what has happened. I have to make sure that you believe me. Trust me, I couldn't make these things up even if I tried.
Which is how I ended up with these pictures:

Preston has started climbing on EVERYTHING!! Our sofa table, his toy box, the tv stand, the nightstands, the table. The only things that seem to be safe are the dressers, thank goodness. However this was the first time that he climbed up into the alcove in our living room. It only took him a few seconds, and I still can't figure out how he did it. The bottom shelf is almost taller than he is and there doesn't seem to be anything that he can use as a stepping stool in front of it. A bigger questions might be, why he wanted to play in there? As you call tell in the pictures he had to bend over while he was sitting to even fit! Silly boy! I really have my hands full with this little guy!

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Linda said...

Hi Kim...I left you a little blog award on my blog, since I think you're such a good "Blogging Mother".