Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As Promised - Coulee City and the Motorcycle Show

A little late, but better late than never right?

We headed down to Brad's hometown of Coulee City, WA on Saturday. It's quite the drive for a day visit. At least I think so. But we like to take Preston down to see his Grandparents every so often. And an added bonus this time was stopping to see his Aunt Caelan too.

We'd planned on leaving early on Saturday so that we would have the day to spend in Coulee City, that didn't work out. Preston slept in, I didn't pack or load anything into the car the night before, and then Brad was dragging his feet all morning about helping get out the door. So instead we were able to spend the afternoon in Coulee City. Not a big deal, since I did start to get restless while we were there. Something about small towns does that to me. City girl, born and raised!

We picked up lunch and dinner at my two favorite trip to Coulee City places. Dean's Drive In in Reardon. I love their grilled cheese! I know, silly, but seriously it's so good. And Big Wally's in Coulee City. They have the best cheese nachos EVER! My mouth starts to water just thinking about them. Yum! The prices, I love not so much. We spent $27 at each of these places for our little family of three. That wouldn't be bad if we were restaurant eating, but this is the small towns version of fast food. $27 on fast food is a little steep. But, oh the nachos!

Funny side story, when we stopped at Dean's Drive In and were waiting for our food Brad grabbed a Wheels and Deals to flip through. Preston saw this and immediately grabbed one too. Then he crawled up into the other side of the booth, sat down, and flipped it open to read it just like Daddy was. I had to run out to the car to grab my camera and almost missed the moment. And actually did miss getting Brad in the picture, as Preston was growing bored of the "magazine" by the time I got back inside.

We visted Brad's Grandpa and Grandma first. Preston likes stopping to play there because it's all new. And Brad's Grandma saves everything, so there are always toys to play with. Most of which were Brad's and his cousins when they were little. Then there are the duck decorations in the living room. He likes to rearrange them and he makes them quack. Brad's Grandma gets a real kick out of that.

Mostly I just enjoy watching his Grandparents watch and enjoy Preston. Brad's Dad passed away when Brad was twelve, so I think that Preston is another way for them to remember their son. And I like that Brad has been strengthening his relationship with them as well since it's a way for him to remember his Dad too.

From there we headed over to Brad's little sister's house to pay her a visit. Other than a run in at the Walmart in Moses Lake for about 10 minutes, we haven't seen her in over a year. A lot happens in a year. Especially changes in Preston.

Minutes before we got there, Preston decided that it was the perfect time for a nap. NOOO! I didn't want him to sleep through the visit since I knew that Caelan was excited to see him. She even wanted to show him her horses, cows, and chickens. He couldn't miss all that.

Luckily once we got inside the dogs barking woke him up and once he saw the horses through the window sleep was a thing of the past. We would just make do without a nap today. Especially since it was already 5pm and he'd done fine so far. That's right people my 19 month old hadn't napped all day, even on the two hour car ride to Coulee City at naptime.

Preston loved the cows and horses. The cows were a little bit afraid of us, weird huh? But the horses were all about coming out to say hello. Preston was a little bit more interested in watching both the cows and the horses than actually touching them. Which was just fine by me, especially after Caelan's stepdad told us not to stick our fingers out pointed directly at them becasue they might think we're offering up a snack. That made one city girl/mom more than a little weary of these finger eating beasts.

Preston's favorite, by far, of all of the animals were the chickens. Caelan brought one out for him to see and he loved it. Walked right up and started petting away. It was much more his size. At one point he must have gotten it a little confused with our cats because he reached back and started stroking the tail feathers and gave them a little tug. That got the chicken squaking and Preston giggling. And since he got the desired reaction Preston repeated this action several more times until the chicken started to ignore him. If only our cats would do the same.

The drive home was definitely not as nice as the drive there. Preston refused to nap! At all. Not a single wink of shut eye. He just chilled in the backseat. Until we got off the freeway in Spokane. Then the screaming began. It was 9'o'clock at night, he hadn't napped, was exhausted, and just wanted to nurse and go to bed.

Did I mention he didn't nurse all day! Big step for us. We're making progress.

We had fun, but we're all so tired by the time we got home. I told Brad that I didn't know why his hometown couldn't be closer to us, that would make visiting so much easier!

We then hit the Motorcycle show on Sunday. Not fun! And what a waste of the $10 entry per person and $10 parking. It was a bunch of for sale bikes strewn around a room. I wouldn't pay to look around a car lot so I'm not sure why we did to look around a combination bike lot. Just silly.

Add in that Preston got into trouble for sitting on a bike, and you had one angry and irritated Mommy. I mean c'mon if the bike can't handle my one year old sitting on it, should you really be trying to sell it to an adult who weighs 5 times what he does?! I think not!

Brad enjoyed himself but even he admitted the lameness of it all. Luckily the park was right next door. I wanted to take Preston to feed the marmots. But alas, I couldn't find them. So we settled for the ducks. You're not actually supposed to feed them, but I pretended that I couldn't read the posted signs. They were hungry. So hungry in fact that they swarmed us as soon as we walked up, before we even pulled any food out. They were begging for the donuts I had hidden in the stroller. So I obliged. And Preston's smile made it worth the rule breaking that we were doing.


Kaitlin said...

You can actually get a fine for feeding the ducks... good thing they didn't tattle on you! ;)

Kelly said...

I was reading this post with Zack on my lap. He kept saying, "hi Preston" and then when he say the horse he was so excited and screamed "horsey". LOL Thanks for inviting us last night. We had fun!