Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Already Begun

Preston has become a terror to shop with.

He just wants everything.

Forget walking through the toy aisle. That's not going to happen anymore. He points, he screams, he demands, I cave. The child has more toys than anyone I know. And yet I can't get myself to say no. Stand strong, I tell myself everytime we hit the toy aisle. Until he sees something he has to have, and I somehow end up convinced. He really does have to have it.

Now I've taken to avoiding the toy aisle like the plague. We can't bring anything else home. I'm running out of room to put things.

Oh but it doesn't stop there. Oh no.

At Walmart with Brad last weekend we were looking through the lightbulb aisle. Preston was getting antsy and wanted to walk around. I obliged. He's been wanting to walk through the store with us now and he does hold our hands, so there is no harm.

Preston began browsing the lightbulbs in the aisle along with Brad. He was declaring most of them as "ball, ball". The shape had confused him. Then as I turned to ask Brad a question, I turned back to see my son tossing lightbulbs into our cart. Apparently he needed them.

Isn't that something that older children do? At 19 months he just seems too young to be sneaking things into the cart.

I do remember those days. I had sneaking things into the cart down pat. I would distract my Mom, shove my desired item(s) into the cart, and keep talking the whole time. At the checkout (and this is important), I always unloaded the cart for her. You know to be nice. This way she didn't notice that there were a few items in the cart that she hadn't approved. She wouldn't notice until we got home and she was unloading the bags. Where did this shirt come from? How did these cookies get in here? I didn't pick this eyeshadow. By then it was too late for her to do anything. After all who wants to make a trip back to the store to explain that I didn't mean to buy this my daughter tossed it in while I wasn't looking? My Mom sure didn't.

Preston's new shopping habits don't stop there.

He now likes to get out of the cart and check certain things out. My fault as I started this one. I thought it would be cute to let him see all of the toddler sized cars at Toys R Us. Then I let him climb in a few to check them out. It was cute. He's so car obsessed, he just wanted to try them out.

Now he doesn't understand why I don't let him check out the cars when we go to Toys R Us. So he cries until I do. And I give in.

At Costco the other day they had an Escalade out for display. Of course Preston had to try it out. This one was Brad's fault, by the way. However when we returned with my Mom a few days later, Preston didn't understand why he could't sit in the Ecalade again. Out of the cart he went.

Then he moved down the aisle a little bit to the outdoor playhouse.

Why does Costco put these together and set them out for little kids to see? Oh that's right so that you'll give in and buy them. I didn't go that far, not yet at least. Preston does have a birthday coming July!

Preston races into the playhouse. Closes the door while waving good-bye to me. In my mind I can already see that this is going to be bad when it's time to leave the playhouse. He's having a blast. Cooking, looking out the window, saying hello to me and my Mom, this thing was awesome.

Until I was ready to move on. Preston would not come out. I mean would not. I reach for him from outside the door and he moves farther into the playhouse.

I had to climb inside with him and pull drag him out. Then carry him while he cried and tried to escape to get back to his playhouse. Clearly it had made an impression in the few minutes he'd had with it. He'd even forgotten all about the Escalade.

I think we've found his birthday present.

Guess What I Found in Walgreens

I went in for Sudafed and came out with oh so much more.

Are you sitting down? If not, you might want to think about it. I'm not up for a blog lawsuit when you see what I found.

Ready? How about now?

Here we go...


I was so excited when I saw it. I seriously couldn't resist. That guy has sucked me in with every single one of his infomercials. But I just can't get myself to buy stuff via informercials, put it in Walgreens and it's a whole different story.

I don't know who was more excited Brad or me. When I surprised him with it, he immediately opened the box and claimed a towel for "washing his car".

I'll be sure to let you all know how they work out.

Say it with me, "ShamWOW"!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have You Noticed?

I got a blog make-over?

How exciting! It was courtesy of Kait and I love it! I get to be all prettied up and I didn't have to do any of the work. Thanks Kait!

If you're reading me in a reader then click on over and check it out.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Waiting Room Attack

Monday was Preston's 18 month well baby check appointment. A few days late of 18 months so it was more of a 19 month appointment.

It did not go well.

I should have hightailed it home when I checked in and the receptionist told me that our pediatrician was running about 30 minutes late. Of course he was. We'd arrived about five minutes early for our appointment as opposed to the five minutes late that we've arrived to every other appointment. Karma? Maybe. I was irritated.

Then I looked around both halves of the waiting room. It was packed. With sick people. I know, most people who go to the doctor are sick. That doesn't mean I want their germs. And yes Preston had a runny nose, but I was still hoping that it would stop at that and just go away. How was that supposed to happen if we were surrounded by contagious, germ filled, sick people for the next 35 minutes?

We found a seat off in the corner by some toys and the fish tank. More Preston found our seats since he didn't like the first place we sat down and raced over in that direction. He was playing nicely with the toys and I thought maybe this wouldn't be such a horrible wait. Time flies when your having fun in the pediatrician's waiting room right?

I spoke to soon.

A little girl of about 3-4 years old wanders over to the large toy that Preston is playing with. Not a problem, it's big enough for the both of them to play with it. I'm sitting only a few feet away, so if there was a problem I'm right there. But this little girl looks friendly enough, she won't hurt my little boy.

And she didn't. But Preston looked up at her playing by him and decided he didn't want to play by her he wanted to play with her. In the blink of an eye, he runs over to her side of the toy laughing as he goes. This is where it gets ugly. Preston then wraps his little arms around her waist and pulls her down. Granted she lands on top of him so her landing was cushioned, but her face shows her terror.

Preston on the other hand isn't terrified at all. He's still laughing. He thinks they're playing. It even takes me seconds to process that my son has attacked a little girl just a few feet in front of me. They're still sitting on the floor. Her on his lap, him with his arms still around her waist.

I jump up to save her but the damage has already been done. My son has become the waiting room bully. Which is made worse by the fact that when I pull them up off the floor and unwrap his arms from her waist he makes a feeble attempt to keep her near him and reaches out for her hair.

I calmly unwrap his fingers and she scurries over to her mom's lap. Her mom has been sitting a fish tank down from me and no doubt saw the entire thing with her other three daughters. Couldn't she have had just one little boy sitting with her? Then I'd have been able to convince myself that she doesn't think he's awful and she understands because she has a little boy of her own? No such luck. Instead I send an embarassed smile her way and apologize. She of couse accepts, although her little girls are clearly holding a grudge.

I do punish Preston for his actions. But there is only so much you can do while waiting in a waiting room. I force him to remain on my lap for the next few minutes while explaining to him that he's been naughty and he scared that little girl.

I know that he wasn't trying to hurt her, he was simply playing and little boys do play rougher than little girls do. But still. It was mortifying.

Only made worse by the fact that we had to sit in the waiting room for the next 40 minutes with this mom and her four daughters. None of which were willing to brave another trip off of their mother's lap for fear of my son. Just super. I'm sure the mother was cursing me in her head.

I did send a few "I swear we're friendly smiles" at them while Preston played at the fishtank with me by his side. And the little girl he attacked was willing to stand up next to the opposite side of the fishtank. She would send curious glances our way. I think she was checking that I would make sure that Preston couldn't get to her again. And if that didn't work there was the fact that her older sister had decided to stand in between her and me/Preston to protect her little sister should Preston attempt to attack play with her again.

That is until the big fish swam their way and Preston followed and then reached out to move the older sister out of his way. Let's just say that the next time those little girls climbed off their mom's lap was when the nurse called them back to a room.

They were replaced by a mother and her two sons. And when Preston and this little boy were playing together at the fish tank and Preston moved in front of him jostling the boy a little. I turned to apologize to the mother and before I could even get the words out, she said he was fine he'd both done and seen worse. Thank heaven for mothers of little boys!

Finally we were called back to see our pediatrician. I wish I could say things improved from there, but they didn't.

Preston weighed in at 27 pounds and measured 36 inches. That puts him in the 60% for weight and the 99% for height. Yay, he's growing and healthy! The nurse even said he measures where an average two and a half year old would.

Only now when he attacks plays with kids the parents will think that my naughty two and a half year old doesn't know any better, instead of realizing that at 19 months he's just starting to really interact with other kids and doesn't know any better yet. Just great.

Then the worst part of the whole ordeal. Time for the shot. I hate when he gets shots. Really hate it. Have I mentioned that at his two month appointment when they gave him his shots and he burst into tears, I did too. Our poor nurse didn't know what to do. If I didn't know that they were so important, I'm not sure that I would go through with it. He cries every time. It's awful.

Then to add insult to injury, as he's crying and I'm cuddling him the nurse says at this age she thinks it hurts his feelings more than it actually hurts him. Thanks, that was just what I wanted to hear. Is it horrible that I'd rather believe that the shot she gave him hurt, rather than the fact that I let it happen hurt his feelings? I don't think so.

All this and we only saw our pediatrician for five minutes. A total visit time of an hour and a half for five minutes with the main guy? Ugh! Usually it isn't so bad. Next time we won't be going in on a Monday so hopefully there won't be such a crowd.

If I Had

A little girl.
I would bring her home from the hospital in this...
She would be born in the Summer you know.
I would dress her in this...
With this over it...
In the Spring she would wear this dress and coat set...
And because just one of her Spring dresses would cost us $74, we would be broke.
But it would be worth it since she would be the best dressed little girl ever!
If I Had a Little Girl.

As Promised - Coulee City and the Motorcycle Show

A little late, but better late than never right?

We headed down to Brad's hometown of Coulee City, WA on Saturday. It's quite the drive for a day visit. At least I think so. But we like to take Preston down to see his Grandparents every so often. And an added bonus this time was stopping to see his Aunt Caelan too.

We'd planned on leaving early on Saturday so that we would have the day to spend in Coulee City, that didn't work out. Preston slept in, I didn't pack or load anything into the car the night before, and then Brad was dragging his feet all morning about helping get out the door. So instead we were able to spend the afternoon in Coulee City. Not a big deal, since I did start to get restless while we were there. Something about small towns does that to me. City girl, born and raised!

We picked up lunch and dinner at my two favorite trip to Coulee City places. Dean's Drive In in Reardon. I love their grilled cheese! I know, silly, but seriously it's so good. And Big Wally's in Coulee City. They have the best cheese nachos EVER! My mouth starts to water just thinking about them. Yum! The prices, I love not so much. We spent $27 at each of these places for our little family of three. That wouldn't be bad if we were restaurant eating, but this is the small towns version of fast food. $27 on fast food is a little steep. But, oh the nachos!

Funny side story, when we stopped at Dean's Drive In and were waiting for our food Brad grabbed a Wheels and Deals to flip through. Preston saw this and immediately grabbed one too. Then he crawled up into the other side of the booth, sat down, and flipped it open to read it just like Daddy was. I had to run out to the car to grab my camera and almost missed the moment. And actually did miss getting Brad in the picture, as Preston was growing bored of the "magazine" by the time I got back inside.

We visted Brad's Grandpa and Grandma first. Preston likes stopping to play there because it's all new. And Brad's Grandma saves everything, so there are always toys to play with. Most of which were Brad's and his cousins when they were little. Then there are the duck decorations in the living room. He likes to rearrange them and he makes them quack. Brad's Grandma gets a real kick out of that.

Mostly I just enjoy watching his Grandparents watch and enjoy Preston. Brad's Dad passed away when Brad was twelve, so I think that Preston is another way for them to remember their son. And I like that Brad has been strengthening his relationship with them as well since it's a way for him to remember his Dad too.

From there we headed over to Brad's little sister's house to pay her a visit. Other than a run in at the Walmart in Moses Lake for about 10 minutes, we haven't seen her in over a year. A lot happens in a year. Especially changes in Preston.

Minutes before we got there, Preston decided that it was the perfect time for a nap. NOOO! I didn't want him to sleep through the visit since I knew that Caelan was excited to see him. She even wanted to show him her horses, cows, and chickens. He couldn't miss all that.

Luckily once we got inside the dogs barking woke him up and once he saw the horses through the window sleep was a thing of the past. We would just make do without a nap today. Especially since it was already 5pm and he'd done fine so far. That's right people my 19 month old hadn't napped all day, even on the two hour car ride to Coulee City at naptime.

Preston loved the cows and horses. The cows were a little bit afraid of us, weird huh? But the horses were all about coming out to say hello. Preston was a little bit more interested in watching both the cows and the horses than actually touching them. Which was just fine by me, especially after Caelan's stepdad told us not to stick our fingers out pointed directly at them becasue they might think we're offering up a snack. That made one city girl/mom more than a little weary of these finger eating beasts.

Preston's favorite, by far, of all of the animals were the chickens. Caelan brought one out for him to see and he loved it. Walked right up and started petting away. It was much more his size. At one point he must have gotten it a little confused with our cats because he reached back and started stroking the tail feathers and gave them a little tug. That got the chicken squaking and Preston giggling. And since he got the desired reaction Preston repeated this action several more times until the chicken started to ignore him. If only our cats would do the same.

The drive home was definitely not as nice as the drive there. Preston refused to nap! At all. Not a single wink of shut eye. He just chilled in the backseat. Until we got off the freeway in Spokane. Then the screaming began. It was 9'o'clock at night, he hadn't napped, was exhausted, and just wanted to nurse and go to bed.

Did I mention he didn't nurse all day! Big step for us. We're making progress.

We had fun, but we're all so tired by the time we got home. I told Brad that I didn't know why his hometown couldn't be closer to us, that would make visiting so much easier!

We then hit the Motorcycle show on Sunday. Not fun! And what a waste of the $10 entry per person and $10 parking. It was a bunch of for sale bikes strewn around a room. I wouldn't pay to look around a car lot so I'm not sure why we did to look around a combination bike lot. Just silly.

Add in that Preston got into trouble for sitting on a bike, and you had one angry and irritated Mommy. I mean c'mon if the bike can't handle my one year old sitting on it, should you really be trying to sell it to an adult who weighs 5 times what he does?! I think not!

Brad enjoyed himself but even he admitted the lameness of it all. Luckily the park was right next door. I wanted to take Preston to feed the marmots. But alas, I couldn't find them. So we settled for the ducks. You're not actually supposed to feed them, but I pretended that I couldn't read the posted signs. They were hungry. So hungry in fact that they swarmed us as soon as we walked up, before we even pulled any food out. They were begging for the donuts I had hidden in the stroller. So I obliged. And Preston's smile made it worth the rule breaking that we were doing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to another installment of "Not Me Monday". This amazingly fun blogging idea was created by non other than MckMama herself. A great way to get the hilarious and embarassing things that you've done in the last week out, while laughing at others at the same time.

And now, what you've all been waiting for.

I did not find myself wishing that Brad's hometown was closer than the two hour drive that it is. Making a day trip out of that would not be awful and exhausting. I can think of no better way to spend a Saturday than sitting in the car driving for more than 5 hours total.

And because there was nothing better to do on Saturday but make the drive to Coulee City, I most certainly did not spend the first half of the drive playing on the internet that was provided by Brad's cellphone. Not me. I can handle a car ride without reading blogs, checking facebook, IMing a friend, and updating my blog. To not be able to sit in the car for a measly 2.5 hours without a laptop and internet would be just silly.

I definitely have not become addicted to Private Practice in the last week. And that addiction has not led me to watch all of season one and everything but that last two episodes of season two during naptimes and after bedtime. I have self control. And while watching Private Practice, which I don't do, I do not cry during at least half of the episodes or ask Brad life altering questions about what he would do if... Not me, after all it is just a television show.

I am not wishing and hoping that The Bachelor will pick Melissa. And if he doesn't I will understand and not think that he is clearly an idiot.

Yesterday when we took Preston down to the park to feed the marmots and the ducks, I did not forget to grab his hat. After all it was cold outside and what kind of a mother does that? As a result of forgetting his hat, I did not remove my scarf and wrap it around his head and neck for warmth. Didn't want his little ears to fall off, ya know if I'd forgotten his hat. And I didn't take any pictures of him wearing my clearly girly scarf and think about pulling them out when he was older. That would just be mean.

On the way back from Coulee City, when we stopped for dinner at Big Wallys I did not order nachos, french fries, a cheeseburger, and a burrito. And then proceed to eat all of it. Not this girl. That would just be silly. That's enough food to feed our whole family not just one member of it.

While loading up the car on Saturday I watched Preston run around the front yard in his excitement to be outside playing, even if it was just for a few minutes. And when he headed through the gate to the backyard, I didn't just let him. After all it was cold outside and he had no business in the backyard when we were already running late in getting on the road. And when he disappeared from my sight in the (fully fenced and unescapable) backyard, I didn't yell for Brad to chase him down. Did I forget to mention that there are still a few inches of snow covering the ground out there? I didn't want to trudge through that even though Preston clearly did.

Finally, Preston does not understand how the TV works. That would just be horrible for him to know at 19 months. And when he wants to watch Baby Einstein, he does not run over to the DVD player and start pushing buttons to make it turn on. And when Preston does this, I do not grab the remote and stand behind him and start his movie, then quickly set the remote down and congragulate him for turning his movie on all by himself. This does not cause Preston to smile real big and settle in to watch the movie that he started.

Now it's your turn, what didn't you do this week?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Slightly Busy Weekend

We were busier than usual this weekend. We headed over to Brad's hometown of Coulee City on Saturday, headed downtown for the motorcycle show and some duck feeding today, and if you add in my new addiction to Private Practice there just hasn't been much time for blogging. I promise I'll catch you all up sometime tomorrow and there will be pictures!

I got my laptop back today! Yay. That is until Brad tried to turn it on and get it all going for me while I laid Preston down for a nap. They replaced the motherboard and now my Windows Vista isn't registering. It says I have an invalid key because my key was assigned to a different motherboard. So straight back to Best Buy my laptop went. Not to mention that my power supply is still all messed up, so it only charges if it's positioned just a little bit this way and a tad that way. UGH!

Best Buy says it will be two more weeks. Added onto the already three weeks-ish that I've been without my computer. I hate sharing with Brad. And the best part is that if it does take them all fourteen days of that two weeks than the eleven remaining days on my Vista to figure all of this out will expire.

This same thing happened with Brad's laptop last year and they had to replace it because it was such a mess trying to sort out why the numbers on Vista didn't match on the motherboard. HP would say that we needed to call Microsoft, Microsoft would say that if the serial number was stolen they couldn't just give us access to it (understandable) and they would need to be contacted by HP, HP didn't care to deal with us and told us to go through Best Buy, Best Buy couldn't convince Microsoft without HP, and on and on. Finally they replaced Brad's laptop for him with a new one. But that was weeks upon weeks later.

I just want my laptop back. Now. Today. Yesterday even. I do not want to go through what we went through last year all over again.

Funny how when we asked Best Buy how that mistake with Brad's laptop could have been made, making it worthless, they told us it was SO rare for that to happen. And now it has happened again, and to us again!

That was quite the non blogging blog post. Can you tell that I'm irritated?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

After a Dinner of Mac N Cheese

This little face...

Got thrown into the bathtub, for a nice little hose down. Trust me, it was the best option for cleaning all of that excess cheese off of all of him!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Somebody Just Turned Nineteen Months Old

I'll give you a little hint.
Did you figure it out?

I completely forgot that it was his "birthday" on Wednesday until the end of the day. So his 19 month birthday pictures were taken in the bathtub. But I like to take pictures on his birthday every month. I think I've only missed one, at it was like two months so I don't think it counts.

And on this big day, Preston stepped on the scale and weighed in at a whopping 27.4 pounds. Not bad for such a little guy. Or clearly not so little.

We go in on Monday for his 18 month appointment, so we'll get his official weight and height and percentages. I'm so excited!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


You turn your back for just one tiny itsy-bitsy second. And turn back just in time to see Preston dump a whole carton of goldfish everywhere!

At least he's trying to clean it up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Little Scam Artist

Preston has been scamming me lately. Does it count as scamming if I know he's doing it? And is it bad parenting to encourage this behavior because I think it's cute?

Sometime last week Preston walked up to me with his sad face. I smiled and asked him if a sweet voice if everything was okay. This caused him to add a little bit of a whine to the sad face. My poor baby! I asked, do you need a hug? He looks up at me from under his lashes with his sad face and another little whine. I open my arms and tug him in. Scene and cut.

This new routine has been happening several times a day in our house for the last two weeks. I think it is adorable. I love that he only wants a hug and then bounces right back. Not to mention, what a clever little boy he is for knowing that a little bit of sad face, a tiny whine, and an under the eyelash look will make Mommy drop everything and play along. I can't just let him stay "sad"!

I know that I shouldn't be encouraging him and that sometime in the next month or so I will be wishing that I'd put a stop to this. But until then a scam artist is at work in our house. And I do believe he's fully captured my heart!

I've been attempting to capture these looks, but it is very difficult to do. Here are some of my best attempts.

Where Did Preston Go?

We could hear him screaming for us from our bedroom. However upon entering the room and looking around Preston was nowhere to be found. Confusion filled our faces. It sounded like he was right under us. Then we looked down.

And there he was, all the way under our bed!

Wordless Wednesday

Preston found and devoured a blue crayon, just perfect!