Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a QUITTER!!

We had to drop my laptop off at Best Buy today. It was just becoming such a hassle just to be able to use it. Especially since it was a free fix if I would just get my butt in gear and take it down to Best Buy to get fixed. Okay, more it was if I would just ask Brad very nicely to take it down and drop it off AND be willing to share his laptop with me until it came back.

And I lied to you right from the beginning. Yes, my laptop needed to be fixed but that's not the main reason that it was taken to the computer doctor. A freak accident happened at my parent's house today. I was mindlessly sitting on the couch with my laptop next to me using the internet so nicely provided by my parent's wireless usb adaptor, when Brad called. And in my haste to grab the phone from the end table, my poor helpless laptop lost it's balance on the couch and crashed to the floor. Now I know what you're thinking and don't worry my laptop is just fine. And really even if it weren't it's warrantied so it's not like it really would've mattered. My parent's usb wireless adaptor however didn't survive the fall and it is not warrantied. It shattered into three pieces. UGH!! So my laptop was actually just a tag-a-long on Brad's trip down to Best Buy to replace the only way to get internet in my parent's house. After all the kids would like internet and weren't so thrilled that I destroyed their chances of that. Not to mention that I didn't want to have to explain that one to my parents. Like ooops sorry guys, I spilled tomato soup on your couch while you were gone and broke your internet all in the first few days...and I lost one of your kids. Oh wait that hasn't happened...yet, they are still gone for another week. Give it time people.

So to celebrate absolutely nothing tonight I headed off to dinner with an old friend. Mostly it was just me needing to get out of the house. With Preston sick, Brad gone last night, and three extra kids who are actually not mine; I needed a break. Off to Casa De Oro I went. I enjoyed my "regular" meal there and a margarita. It was actually the first time I've ordered a drink there so my waiter (yes he is my waiter, this is what happens when he MEMORIZES your order) had to card me and then commented that he couldn't believe how old I was getting. I've been going there since middle school on a regular basis. When you find something you love you stick with it!! But back to dinner, not only was it nice to get out but it was so much fun to remember back in the day. Ally (the friend I was with) was with me the night I met Brad and is actually dating Brad's old best friend, how hilarious!! We've been out of touch for a while and it's nice to be back in touch. I was actually going to do kind of a then and now post about dinner and include a picture of us in highschool and then one from tonight. But alas I forgot to pull out my camera in my excitement of incredible food and a night out. Next time I swear!!

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