Monday, January 5, 2009

Washing Machine Update

Well apparently the washing machine has decided to hold a grudge this time. Here I am 36 hours later still washing just the washing machine. And these are not long cycles people. I'm talking restarting the damn thing every 30 minutes. And I have emptied out the bottom lint/feather collector more than 20 times with no end in near. I hate our washing machine!!! And I'm sure it feels the same way about me.

Guess what Preston did this morning?? While I was emptying said washing machine feather collector and restarting the cycle, Preston was happily playing downstairs. Happily because he was in Daddy's office on top of the computer table drawing in red permanent marker on the walls!!! Wonder how long it will take Brad to notice and if I will be able to place the blame on him. Because I am in no way admitting that Preston drew on the walls under my watchful eye!!

Hopefully the washer will be done soon because all 7 of Preston's blankies are now dirty. And yesterday he decided to show us that he can now tell the difference between his blankies and other blankies. What good is having 7 of the same blanky if all of them are going to be dirty when the washing machine is out of comission?? And furthermore didn't we buy 7 of the same blanky to prevent situations like this??

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