Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teaching Shannon

Do you remember being 16?? Now I'm not sure if boys act differently at this age, being that I am only a girl, but I remember how I acted at 16. I was horrible. If things didn't go my way than they didn't go anyway at all. At least in my eyes. And just guess who took the brunt of that?? I'll give you a hint, she pushed me into this world with NO pain medicine. My Mom!! At 16, I became a full fledged teenage girl who was just full of crazy person hormones and everything was life altering. My poor mother. Well my sister Shannon is now at that stage in her life, once again my poor mother. Only now I am also dealing with the concept of having a 16 year old daughter and I am losing my mind!!

Before I fully start explaining the purpose of this post I need to catch you up on a few things. Shannon is obviously 16, and is very clearly working my poor Mom over. And being wise and having learned from her older two daughters my Mom has been choosing her battles. Yes, my Mom had four daughters and we are all destined to push every single button she has when we become teenagers. It's kind of like a rite of passage for us Williams girls.

But back to the point. One of the ways that Shannon intentionally abuses my Mom is by refusing to wake herself up in the morning for school. That's right my 16 year old sister claims that she is incapable of waking herself up, so therefore my mother gets up to wake her up every morning before school. Not just once, oh no, but typically twice. Why you ask. Because Shannon usually goes back to sleep after the first wake up. And really if she doesn't get up it punishes my Mom, because she misses the bus and my Mom has to drive her and figure out how to get Marrissa (the youngest girl) to school on time. So rather than deal with this my Mom sets an alarm just to get up and wake Shannon up and then go back to sleep until she herself has to get up. Well I REFUSE to do that. I know that Shannon is perfectly capable of getting herself up in the morning and that this is just a power struggle. Hello, I was 16 once. So for the last week-ish that my Mom has been gone Shannon has been waking herself up every morning quite capably. Strange how that happens. I'm pretty sure she knows that unlike my Mom I will not be forced to deal with her attitude and I was worse than she was at that age anyways. That's right Shannon you don't scare me!! HA!!

But today marked another lesson for Shannon. Here's the deal Shannon refuses to carry a key to the house with her. She simply expects my Mom to drop everything and make sure that Shannon is able to get into the house when she needs to. Now normally this isn't a problem because my brother does carry a key, so he makes up for Shannon's lack of a key. Today that solution just wasn't going to work. Shannon called me from school to ask me if she could go to the mall after school with some friends, I asked the necessary questions; what time will you be back, how are you getting there, how are you getting back; and told her she could go. Then because I was at my house and only a few minutes from the high school I called Matt and asked him if he wanted a ride home from school. Of course he did, getting picked up is way cooler than riding the bus. Then to cover all of my bases I called Shannon and left her a message telling her that I hoped she had a key (I knew she didn't) because I wasn't sure when I would be home. This prompted Shannon to call Matt and tell him to leave the front door unlocked for her when he got home. And was not met with nice words from Shannon when Matt told her he wouldn't be going home because I had picked him up. Let's just say she was royally pissed.

This is where things went wrong. I actually did have to go back to my parent's house and drop off the groceries I had just bought. And when I got there Matt told me that even if I locked the door Shannon would just climb up on the roof and go in through a window that doesn't lock. I wish someone had told me about this window when Brad was out of town, hello scary!! I had to take action. How was I supposed to teach Shannon the importance of a house key if she could just crawl in through a window?!?! So after much searching for something to lodge in the window, I came up with a brilliant idea. The baby gate!! I stuck in up there, sized it just right, smiled at my brilliance, and left the house. I won!! Shannon would learn. And for those of you who are thinking that I am absolutely horrible, I am not. It's not like she would be waiting outside in the cold, the only reason for her to come home was to pick up her purse that was sitting in the entryway. Cause who wants to go to the mall without any money?? So she would survive this lesson and save money as a result of it.

I didn't count on Preston falling asleep while I was in the house. So instead of being able to run errands because I needed too, now I had to run errands so that Shannon couldn't get inside and grab her purse. Remember I was trying to teach her something!! I killed what I assumed was enough time and headed back. I couldn't stay gone for long as Preston was sleeping and that is my computer time people!! As I pulled down the street I realized I had gotten there too soon. Or not soon enough depending on how you look at it. Shannon and her friends were hopping back over the back fence, with Shannon's purse in hand.

What?!?! How did this happen?? Did I not mention that I locked her out?? With a baby gate in fact!! Somehow she found another way in. Geez, I'm really starting to feel safe about staying in my parent's house with all of these "ways in". So I called out from the car and asked her how she got in. She laughs and says through the back and keeps heading to her friend's parents car. In my irritation, okay anger, at her having beat me at this lesson I told her to march her butt back up to the house because she wasn't going anywhere and then finished pulling my car into the driveway. I looked up just in time to see her climb in and drive off. Whatever. I got over it, I didn't really want her to stay anyway I just acted out in my irritation.

At least I was over it until I pulled my sleeping (not to mention sick) child out of his carseat and headed up to the front door to go inside. Strangely enough when I unlocked the deadbolt I still couldn't get inside. Someone, and I use this term loosely since I know who it was, had locked the chain. After moving past a blonde moment and realizing that I couldn't have done that from the outside when I left, I felt full force rage. And this only intesified when Preston began to stir and cry becuase he was cold and being moved and still trying to sleep. I high tailed it back to the car and placed a phone call to Shannon that included words I will not be posting in this blog. I was furious. Not only had she clearly not learned from this lesson, but she had outsmarted me!!

Even though I do agree that I was being childish in locking her out of the house, I feel that because I am the adult (even though I wasn't really acting like one) she should have shown me more respect than that. Not to mention that it wasn't just me that she locked out but also my son. And because I had gotten him out of the car and woken him up, she was in that much more trouble. And did I mention that I used a baby gate to lock her out?? I thought I was being so clever!! Obviously not clever enough. The ending result of this whole thing was me and Shannon screaming eachother the whole ride home from the mall, yes I did go pick her up!! She attempted to tell me that it was an accident that she locked me out, but I was 16 once and I know that it was no accident. So she is being punished. I told her she had to stay in her bedroom and give me her cell phone. Well she is in her bedroom but she refuses to give me her cell phone. And honestly I'm not sure how to get it from her without getting physical. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also let's just say that I have aged massively after this whole ordeal. And whatever part of me that was still "cool" has more than likely disappeared. Not that it mattered since it was rudely pointed out to me that I am no longer cool anyways. When I was yelling into the phone at her and then yelling at her during the car ride home, I got a mental picture of my Mom doing the exact same thing to me just 5 years ago. I will be apologizing to my mother for that as soon as she gets home. And praying that karma will skip over me when my kids are 16. Please pray for me too. And while you're praying go ahead and insert an extra prayer that my parents make it home safely from this trip (not that I don't think they will) because if they don't I become the legal guardian of these children and I am so not ready to have a teenage daughter!!! In fact this was almost enough to make me not want a daugher at all, almost.


Kaitlin said...

I feel no pity for you. My sister was a bitch to me whenever my parents were gone because she didn't agree with her parenting philosophies. Meany. :P

Mom said...

I find the whole situation a little funny. When I was grounded to my room my dad always took the door off. That way, I couldn't actually have any privacy but I was still stuck not being part of everything going on. It sucked! I hope you figure things out. I would be pretty pissed too if I was locked out in the cold with my son!

Courtney said...

Sorry Kim but I don't really feel sorry for you. It was kind of silly to try to lock her out. It wouldnt have really taught her anything and it wasn't your job anyways. Plus you don't really deserve respect as an adult if you arent going to act like one.

Maybe you've learned a lesson? Teach your kids to listen BEFORE they are 16, lol.