Friday, January 30, 2009

Please Not Another Mess

Preston has been making messes left and right these days. I think it is because we have been at my parent's house and the kids leave everything within his reach, then don't understand why he's dumped their cups out or spilled their snacks on the floor. It's been such a battle and I'm exhuasted from telling them not to leave things out and then cleaning up what they do leave out when Preston gets to it.

A few mornings ago, two somebodies left glasses of milk in the living room. Now I can tell you without a doubt that this was not done by Brad or me because we only drink milk with dinner, so that leaves the kids. I look over just in time to see Preston dump the first glass out on the end table and don't get there in time to stop him from dumping the second glass. Ugh, another mess. I head back to the bathroom to grab a towel and come out to clean up the milk mess. By this time Preston has disappeared into the kitchen and I can hear him going through the drawers in there. I take a deep breath and tell myself that we will deal with one mess at a time and start wiping up the milk. Just as I'm almost done, I look over my shoulder and see my son. He is carrying a dishtowel in his hand and heading back into the living room to clean up the milk that he spilled. He remembered where the dishtowels are kept in the kitchen and headed in there to grab one. How cute is that?!?! Well except for the part where we needed the towel because he'd spilled milk all over the place.

Later that same night after I'd told Brad about what a helper he is becoming, we both look over to see Preston grab a glass of water and dump it out all over the kitchen floor. After a quick, "uh-oh!!" Preston heads back to the dishtowel drawer and then wipes up his mess all by himself. By golly, the boy is learning!!

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