Sunday, January 4, 2009

Me vs The Washing Machine

Seriously, and guess who won?? The washing machine, yet again!! I should be banished from using this poor maching forever. I clearly overestimated my abilities of doing the laundry. First I washed poor Max, then I washed a pair of scissors, and just last night I washed a feather pillow. Doesn't sound like that big of a deal but TRUST me it was.

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Yesterday when I came downstairs, I realized that the cat (Max to be exact) had peed on a pillow on the laundry room floor. Had this been just any pillow it would have been thrown away, but it wasn't. This was Brad's "po-po". Otherwise known as the pillow that he's had his whole life, it was originally his parents given to them as a wedding gift. So clearly the pillow was sentimental. And the sentimental pillow was now covered in cat pee. So it had to be saved. That being said I threw it into the washing machine on a deep clean cycle that would sanitize it. No really my washer has a sanitize cycle and it would save this pillow.

WRONG!! I came downstairs this morning to put the pillow into the dryer, thinking how brilliant I was and how Brad would never have to know. And he wouldn't have, had the 25 years plus pillow survived the washing machine. When I first opened the washer door, it brought back memories of finding Max in there. There was a little pile of what used to be the pillow and then feathers everywhere!! It was awful.

This means that today has not been spent doing laundry, but rather laundering the washing machine. It has been running all day with nothing in it. Just trying to clear the damn feathers out. And I have been emptying the bottom trap that keeps filling up with feathers too. Over and over again, all day. I always dreamed of spending weekends like this. YEAH RIGHT!! Who knew that one little pillow could do so much damage. Oh and here's the best part. When I decided to tell Brad what had happened. I wanted to break it to him gently. And when I got to the part about his "po-po" being covered in cat pee he says, "just throw it away, no big deal". That's a direct quote people!! If I'd only known last night before I tried to wash it.

And about that stupid cat peeing, I'm at my wits end. He pees in three spots. My laundry room floor if I leave anything on the floor or the door open. The entryway now that it's always wet from the snow, he has started adding to the melted snow. And finally the bathroom floor if I put the floor mats down. I'm ready to get rid of him, Brad's not. Maybe because he isn't cleaning up the pee?!?! In his defense he has crystals in his bladder which we are treating and have been told will bring on this behavior temporarily. So currently we are cutting him a little slack, I mean he did go through the washing machine.

Also I don't know what got into us because today we decided to rearrange the three basement rooms. I am currently hiding out in my office because I am done helping. I'm blogging instead, much more fun. While I wait for the washer to finish so that I can hopefully start an actual load of laundry.

And for all of you waiting to see wedding pictures and hear all about it, I swear I will be doing that in my next post when I have more time to sit down and think. And when I fell a little more productive because I am washing clothes instead of feathers.

PS. Don't laugh but I really love the sound that my fake nails are making when I type!! Click, click. It's almost soothing.

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Kaitlin said...

One question - why do you have fake nails??? lol

Also, I think we should do a straight across trade. I have a little piece of shit washing machine that you can ruin as much as you want. It's very very hardy. As it is, I love your washing machine and want one.