Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Little Girly??

Someone please tell me that I am not the only one. Since Preston has lately started taking more notice in what is going on around him, he has also begun to copy some of the more girly things that I do.

For example when I put my make-up on he demands to be allowed to go through my make-up bag and take survey of everything in there. And find an interest in some of the things in there. Like the mascara or eyeliner, but more likely the chapstick. Which is better than him demanding that I put eyeshadow on him. So I guess playing with a tube of chapstick isn't very girly right?? Boys wear chapstick. And he does eat it sometimes, that's pretty manly right??

Now this one on the other hand I can't try to make into something that is anything but girly. It started in Richland and he's done it a few more times since then. If I leave my razor sitting on the ledge in the bathtub, he grabs it, and starts to "shave" his legs. Hold on, before you freak out, it still has the cap on it so he can't cut himself. It is so funny!! I laugh everytime that he does it. He gets all serious and starts at the bottom of his leg by his ankle and moves up towards his knee and then does a few more swipes and sets it back down on the ledge. It's good practice for when it's time to shave his face, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

In not such a girly announcement, Preston said "jerk" today. He was sitting in his highchair eating breakfast and his horrible Mommy called someone a jerk and laughed then Preston said "jerk". And when Brad and Shannon laughed he did it again. Ahhhhhh!!! I really have to start watching what I say around him. I really don't to be the parent of the potty mouth child. Especially since I can't wash his mouth out with soap, since he likes the taste of it and eats it everytime I set him on the counter!! Yuck!!

And speaking of his highchair, Preston now climbs up into his highchair when he's hungry now. It's really nice because when he climbs up I know that he's hungry and willing to eat, so it's not a battle. He's growing up so fast!!

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