Friday, January 23, 2009

Fishies, Shoes, and a Little Mimic

Time for an update on my little monster!!

On Sunday he turned the big 1-8!! Eighteen months that is. It was both exciting and very sad. I cannot believe that I am the Mommy of an 18 month old. Where does the time go??

And to celebrate turning 18 months, Preston decided to learn something new. He was taking his bath at the end of the day and I have been telling him to grab his fishie lately and he grabs one of his Finding Nemo fish, well on Sunday he grabbed his fish and looked at it and said "fishie"!!! How impressive is that?? I was thrilled. He also knows what his turtle is too and will grab that and say "turtle". I am so excited that he is starting to understand associations more and more. Oh and the fun doesn't stop there today I was reading him a book and there was a turtle in it and he looked at the picture and said "turtle". He knows what a turtle is. And to prove his point when he was looking at pictures on facebook with me and there was one with turtles in it and he looked at it and pointed and said "turtle" again. I thought wow, he really knows what a turtle is!!

Then on Wednesday, we were getting ready to leave the house. Preston loves going outside. Even more now since it's so cold outside and we really only go outside when we are going somewhere. So he's pulling on the door and trying to escape. So I informed him that he couldn't go outside until he had his shoes on. And when I look up from tying my shoes he is sitting on the stairs next to me with his shoes in his hand. He understood that he couldn't go outside and grabbed his shoes out of the basket of shoes. This really makes getting ready and out the door so much easier!!

Preston has also really started being more verbal. He can now mimic almost everything that I say when I prompt him. It's so cute. And slightly frightening since I do have a little bit of a potty mouth at times. Guess me and Brad will have to start watching that. And it's a good thing that we won't be hanging out with my Dad on SuperBowl since the Steelers will be playing and I'm sure he will not have the most impressive language that day. Speaking of the SuperBowl, my cousin Colten will be there in Florida watching his team (also the Steelers) play with his super awesome Grandpa. Lucky kid, I am so jealous!!!

Speaking of diapers, oh we weren't?? Well now that we Preston pulled his diaper off yesterday morning since he'd just peed it. I had just put it on him and came out of the back bedroom with his clothes to find him naked. I went to put his diaper back on him only to realize that it was wet. Lately he has also been running to grab me a clean diaper when he goes stinky. Maybe he's getting ready to potty train soon?? One can hope!!!

But most importantly...and I mean MOST importantly!! Preston now says "Mommy"!!! He was just saying "mama", but with Brad out of town this week he really picked up the word Mommy. Much to my excitement!! It used to be all dada and Daddy, poor Mommy was very left out. Not anymore!!

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