Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Computer Issues

UGH, you read it right. My laptop freaked out on me while we were in Richland and somehow, someway deleted my wireless internet. So I can only use the internet hooked up to our router, in our bedroom, on the floor by the crib, you know the one where Preston sleeps. Kind of puts a damper on things. While this usually wouldn't be a big deal because I would just pout my way into Brad letting me use his laptop, he is back in Richland and took it with him. I know how selfish!! Here I am at home with all of the luxuries of home and ways to keep myself entertained (insert friends here) and there he is away in a hotel, working 12 hour days, all by himself and he thinks he can just take HIS laptop with him. Pssshhh, whatever!! :P Hopefully when I bring my laptop into Best Buy tomorrow it will have a quick fix. Although I seriously doubt it. I'll probably end up heading downstairs to Brad's office and using the desktop down there. I just really don't want to. I hate desktop computers and their lack of portability, hence the laptop. I mean seriously who wants to just sit at the computer when they can sit at the computer AND watch TV?? Not I, said the multitasking Kim. Wow, I've really lost it. I'm becoming a total crazy person.

So to sum up what was supposed to be a three second post, I am kind of computerless and working on getting pictures and stories from our stay in Richland up for your viewing entertainment.

Now I must go, Preston in currently in his crib sleeping and I really don't want to wake him!!

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Mom said...

Um, if you are stuck sitting next to Preston's crib, plugged in.. then why not use the desktop? I mean, doesn't being stuck next to the crib mean you lose your ability to be portable anyways? JW... LOL! You're too funny Kim!