Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Boxed Up

I was just going through pictures on my camera and I came across these. I almost forgot all about them. We were hanging out at my Mom's before they left, and she stuck Preston in a box and pretended to close it. At first he was scared and then he thought it was hilarious. He would climb in all by himself and try to close the box in on him.

I also came across these pictures from the same day. He loves playing with my parent's fireplace. Even though he knows he's not supposed to. So he played, leaned back, and finally fell. I think he was shocked that he actually fell and was furious that I let it happen.

I found these ones too. Preston really knows how to work Matt and Shannon over. He always wants to play with their cell phones and they always cave. Matt's new favorite thing to do is to give him Shannon's phone and then call Shannon's phone from his phone and talk to Preston. Preston thinks it's so awesome!! The boy needs a phone, maybe when he's older like 5 or something. Totally kidding although who knows, kids are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages now.

And finally I found these. Preston was attacking Matt. And everytime Preston pushed Matt down, Matt would make a very dramatic fall and noise which would send Preston into a round of giggles. Oh how I love baby giggles!!!

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Courtney said...

I thought you said that you had a new header? I came to see it. Also you should call me. Because I have something to talk to you abotu and I am too lazy to call you. Lol.