Friday, January 9, 2009

"9" is the Magic Number

Why you ask?? Because that is how many loads of laundry I just finished folding. Nine, people!! And I still have two more sitting in baskets waiting to be washed, one load in the washer, and another in the dryer. Who knew that we wore so many clothes. Who knew that we even had this many articles of clothing!! Moral of this story is that next time you think about washing a feather pillow, DON'T!!!

In much more exciting news, I finally have all of our wedding pictures on my computer!! Which means that when I get a few free moments tomorrow I will post a ton of pictures and share the story of how we got married!! But don't hold your breath on me getting around to that, I do have 9 plus loads of laundry to put away.


Mom said...

that's a lot of laundry! it has been awhile since I've seen everyone. between work and all of my car troubles I haven't been out! we are getting a new car but now Anthony has put it back until tax time! UGH! I can't wait to see more pictures from the wedding. congratulations!

Kaitlin said...

So I do 12 loads a week, and only Monday thru Thursday. lol. Your writing is awesome and your blog makes me laugh :)

Holly said...

So I wanted to point out that Kait has almost twice as many people in her family then you do Kim. 9 is A LOT! So is 12 though no matter how big your family is. Maybe you should start a list and put it by your washer of things to check for before doing a load and things that have gone through it and didn't turn out so well.