Saturday, January 31, 2009

Closet Hide And Seek

Preston has discovered a new game. He runs into our closet and "hides" behind the clothes that hang down low enough to cover his face. He believes that if he can't see me, than I can't see him. Then I come in "in search" of him. I call out, "Preston where are you??" a few times. And out he pops laughing and smiling. After a quick hug, he heads back behind the clothes. Imagine this on repeat and you've got a perfect example of our night. lol. It was cute.

Preston woke up at the crack of dawn this morning. Okay, it really wasn't that early. But is felt like it since he goes to bed late and usually doesn't get up until 9am. But oh no, not this morning. Not on my weekend day to get up with him. Today he was up bright and early at 7am. I was barely functional and he was bouncing off the walls. The positive side of this?? He took a nap much earlier than usual. Unfortunately because he was so tired that nap lasted 5.5 hours!! Hmmm, maybe that wasn't so unfortunate because I laid down with him, so that means that I also took a very long afternoon nap.

Tonight as Preston was fussing and getting cranky I looked at him and asked if he was ready for bed. He got all excited, which is what he does when he wants to do something that I've asked him. So I told him to grab his blankie and we'd go to bed. He seemed a little bit confused so I repeated for him to grab his blankie and head to the bedroom for bed, and off he went carrying his blankie. Then after a game of hide and seek in the closet, down he went for bed without a peep. I think that he enjoying going to bed in his own bed because the last two nights he has gone straight to sleep when I lay him down in his crib. This is a far cry from the temper tantrums he was throwing at my parent's house at bedtime.

I think I'm off to bed now too. That middle afternoon nap kept me from getting things done today, so we're going to be busy tomorrow!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Oreos Do Not Handle The BathTub Very Well

I'm pretty sure that the title of this post pretty much covers it. Just in case you're still a little confused. Preston had a few Oreos while we were at home the other day, so I decided that rather than fight him to the death and try to clean his hands and face I'd just throw him in the bath. Unfortunately what I didn't realize until it was too late was that he still had an Oreo on back-up and he brought the concealed Oreo into the bathtub with him. The Oreo clearly didn't survive the bathtub.

Notice the Oreo covered face and floating crumbs.

My little messy Oreo destroyer.

This is the look that Preston has been giving all of us lately. He looks up at us from under his eyelashes, I think he thinks that we can't tell he's watching us!! lol. My little sister, Marrissa, calls it his "Devil Look."

And I just threw this one in because I thought it was cute. Who can't resist a baby face with a few extra Oreo crumbs thrown in?!?!


One of the bathrooms at my parent's house has one of those detatchable shower heads, you know the ones I'm talking about?? They make me think of old people, but then again I guess my parents are getting old. lol. Anyways Preston LOVED it!! I think he liked that he could control where the water went the most, because he would spray down the shampoo bottles, himself, outside the shower, and he tried to get me a few times. All in good fun. At least it made it easy to scrub him clean since he was having such a good time hosing himself down.

Maybe He Wants To Be Like Daddy??

I got out of the shower to this creation by Preston the other morning at my parent's house. Yes, that is a FULL roll of toliet paper in that toliet. Thank God Brad is a plumber because I really didn't want to have to explain that one to my parents when they get back.

Please Not Another Mess

Preston has been making messes left and right these days. I think it is because we have been at my parent's house and the kids leave everything within his reach, then don't understand why he's dumped their cups out or spilled their snacks on the floor. It's been such a battle and I'm exhuasted from telling them not to leave things out and then cleaning up what they do leave out when Preston gets to it.

A few mornings ago, two somebodies left glasses of milk in the living room. Now I can tell you without a doubt that this was not done by Brad or me because we only drink milk with dinner, so that leaves the kids. I look over just in time to see Preston dump the first glass out on the end table and don't get there in time to stop him from dumping the second glass. Ugh, another mess. I head back to the bathroom to grab a towel and come out to clean up the milk mess. By this time Preston has disappeared into the kitchen and I can hear him going through the drawers in there. I take a deep breath and tell myself that we will deal with one mess at a time and start wiping up the milk. Just as I'm almost done, I look over my shoulder and see my son. He is carrying a dishtowel in his hand and heading back into the living room to clean up the milk that he spilled. He remembered where the dishtowels are kept in the kitchen and headed in there to grab one. How cute is that?!?! Well except for the part where we needed the towel because he'd spilled milk all over the place.

Later that same night after I'd told Brad about what a helper he is becoming, we both look over to see Preston grab a glass of water and dump it out all over the kitchen floor. After a quick, "uh-oh!!" Preston heads back to the dishtowel drawer and then wipes up his mess all by himself. By golly, the boy is learning!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shannon Update

I never did get Shannon's cell phone. Instead I offered her the choice of a) Giving me her cell phone or b) Cleaning the whole upstairs while I ran home with Brad and Preston. Guess which she chose?? Not that it was hard to figure out. She's 16, what 16 year old girl willingly gives up their cell phone?? So knowing that I came up with the second option. It was one that worked for both us. I didn't have to clean the upstairs and she got to keep her phone. Not that I really had a plan of action for how to take the phone from her. Rewarding for me, punishment for her. I mean who really wants to clean the whole upstairs just for fun?? No one that's who!!

Also I have pictures for you but I will have to post them tomorrow since Brad is rebooting his computer tonight. He got a new version of Vista and is just dying to try it out. Computer geeks; can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Teaching Shannon

Do you remember being 16?? Now I'm not sure if boys act differently at this age, being that I am only a girl, but I remember how I acted at 16. I was horrible. If things didn't go my way than they didn't go anyway at all. At least in my eyes. And just guess who took the brunt of that?? I'll give you a hint, she pushed me into this world with NO pain medicine. My Mom!! At 16, I became a full fledged teenage girl who was just full of crazy person hormones and everything was life altering. My poor mother. Well my sister Shannon is now at that stage in her life, once again my poor mother. Only now I am also dealing with the concept of having a 16 year old daughter and I am losing my mind!!

Before I fully start explaining the purpose of this post I need to catch you up on a few things. Shannon is obviously 16, and is very clearly working my poor Mom over. And being wise and having learned from her older two daughters my Mom has been choosing her battles. Yes, my Mom had four daughters and we are all destined to push every single button she has when we become teenagers. It's kind of like a rite of passage for us Williams girls.

But back to the point. One of the ways that Shannon intentionally abuses my Mom is by refusing to wake herself up in the morning for school. That's right my 16 year old sister claims that she is incapable of waking herself up, so therefore my mother gets up to wake her up every morning before school. Not just once, oh no, but typically twice. Why you ask. Because Shannon usually goes back to sleep after the first wake up. And really if she doesn't get up it punishes my Mom, because she misses the bus and my Mom has to drive her and figure out how to get Marrissa (the youngest girl) to school on time. So rather than deal with this my Mom sets an alarm just to get up and wake Shannon up and then go back to sleep until she herself has to get up. Well I REFUSE to do that. I know that Shannon is perfectly capable of getting herself up in the morning and that this is just a power struggle. Hello, I was 16 once. So for the last week-ish that my Mom has been gone Shannon has been waking herself up every morning quite capably. Strange how that happens. I'm pretty sure she knows that unlike my Mom I will not be forced to deal with her attitude and I was worse than she was at that age anyways. That's right Shannon you don't scare me!! HA!!

But today marked another lesson for Shannon. Here's the deal Shannon refuses to carry a key to the house with her. She simply expects my Mom to drop everything and make sure that Shannon is able to get into the house when she needs to. Now normally this isn't a problem because my brother does carry a key, so he makes up for Shannon's lack of a key. Today that solution just wasn't going to work. Shannon called me from school to ask me if she could go to the mall after school with some friends, I asked the necessary questions; what time will you be back, how are you getting there, how are you getting back; and told her she could go. Then because I was at my house and only a few minutes from the high school I called Matt and asked him if he wanted a ride home from school. Of course he did, getting picked up is way cooler than riding the bus. Then to cover all of my bases I called Shannon and left her a message telling her that I hoped she had a key (I knew she didn't) because I wasn't sure when I would be home. This prompted Shannon to call Matt and tell him to leave the front door unlocked for her when he got home. And was not met with nice words from Shannon when Matt told her he wouldn't be going home because I had picked him up. Let's just say she was royally pissed.

This is where things went wrong. I actually did have to go back to my parent's house and drop off the groceries I had just bought. And when I got there Matt told me that even if I locked the door Shannon would just climb up on the roof and go in through a window that doesn't lock. I wish someone had told me about this window when Brad was out of town, hello scary!! I had to take action. How was I supposed to teach Shannon the importance of a house key if she could just crawl in through a window?!?! So after much searching for something to lodge in the window, I came up with a brilliant idea. The baby gate!! I stuck in up there, sized it just right, smiled at my brilliance, and left the house. I won!! Shannon would learn. And for those of you who are thinking that I am absolutely horrible, I am not. It's not like she would be waiting outside in the cold, the only reason for her to come home was to pick up her purse that was sitting in the entryway. Cause who wants to go to the mall without any money?? So she would survive this lesson and save money as a result of it.

I didn't count on Preston falling asleep while I was in the house. So instead of being able to run errands because I needed too, now I had to run errands so that Shannon couldn't get inside and grab her purse. Remember I was trying to teach her something!! I killed what I assumed was enough time and headed back. I couldn't stay gone for long as Preston was sleeping and that is my computer time people!! As I pulled down the street I realized I had gotten there too soon. Or not soon enough depending on how you look at it. Shannon and her friends were hopping back over the back fence, with Shannon's purse in hand.

What?!?! How did this happen?? Did I not mention that I locked her out?? With a baby gate in fact!! Somehow she found another way in. Geez, I'm really starting to feel safe about staying in my parent's house with all of these "ways in". So I called out from the car and asked her how she got in. She laughs and says through the back and keeps heading to her friend's parents car. In my irritation, okay anger, at her having beat me at this lesson I told her to march her butt back up to the house because she wasn't going anywhere and then finished pulling my car into the driveway. I looked up just in time to see her climb in and drive off. Whatever. I got over it, I didn't really want her to stay anyway I just acted out in my irritation.

At least I was over it until I pulled my sleeping (not to mention sick) child out of his carseat and headed up to the front door to go inside. Strangely enough when I unlocked the deadbolt I still couldn't get inside. Someone, and I use this term loosely since I know who it was, had locked the chain. After moving past a blonde moment and realizing that I couldn't have done that from the outside when I left, I felt full force rage. And this only intesified when Preston began to stir and cry becuase he was cold and being moved and still trying to sleep. I high tailed it back to the car and placed a phone call to Shannon that included words I will not be posting in this blog. I was furious. Not only had she clearly not learned from this lesson, but she had outsmarted me!!

Even though I do agree that I was being childish in locking her out of the house, I feel that because I am the adult (even though I wasn't really acting like one) she should have shown me more respect than that. Not to mention that it wasn't just me that she locked out but also my son. And because I had gotten him out of the car and woken him up, she was in that much more trouble. And did I mention that I used a baby gate to lock her out?? I thought I was being so clever!! Obviously not clever enough. The ending result of this whole thing was me and Shannon screaming eachother the whole ride home from the mall, yes I did go pick her up!! She attempted to tell me that it was an accident that she locked me out, but I was 16 once and I know that it was no accident. So she is being punished. I told her she had to stay in her bedroom and give me her cell phone. Well she is in her bedroom but she refuses to give me her cell phone. And honestly I'm not sure how to get it from her without getting physical. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also let's just say that I have aged massively after this whole ordeal. And whatever part of me that was still "cool" has more than likely disappeared. Not that it mattered since it was rudely pointed out to me that I am no longer cool anyways. When I was yelling into the phone at her and then yelling at her during the car ride home, I got a mental picture of my Mom doing the exact same thing to me just 5 years ago. I will be apologizing to my mother for that as soon as she gets home. And praying that karma will skip over me when my kids are 16. Please pray for me too. And while you're praying go ahead and insert an extra prayer that my parents make it home safely from this trip (not that I don't think they will) because if they don't I become the legal guardian of these children and I am so not ready to have a teenage daughter!!! In fact this was almost enough to make me not want a daugher at all, almost.

What a QUITTER!!

We had to drop my laptop off at Best Buy today. It was just becoming such a hassle just to be able to use it. Especially since it was a free fix if I would just get my butt in gear and take it down to Best Buy to get fixed. Okay, more it was if I would just ask Brad very nicely to take it down and drop it off AND be willing to share his laptop with me until it came back.

And I lied to you right from the beginning. Yes, my laptop needed to be fixed but that's not the main reason that it was taken to the computer doctor. A freak accident happened at my parent's house today. I was mindlessly sitting on the couch with my laptop next to me using the internet so nicely provided by my parent's wireless usb adaptor, when Brad called. And in my haste to grab the phone from the end table, my poor helpless laptop lost it's balance on the couch and crashed to the floor. Now I know what you're thinking and don't worry my laptop is just fine. And really even if it weren't it's warrantied so it's not like it really would've mattered. My parent's usb wireless adaptor however didn't survive the fall and it is not warrantied. It shattered into three pieces. UGH!! So my laptop was actually just a tag-a-long on Brad's trip down to Best Buy to replace the only way to get internet in my parent's house. After all the kids would like internet and weren't so thrilled that I destroyed their chances of that. Not to mention that I didn't want to have to explain that one to my parents. Like ooops sorry guys, I spilled tomato soup on your couch while you were gone and broke your internet all in the first few days...and I lost one of your kids. Oh wait that hasn't happened...yet, they are still gone for another week. Give it time people.

So to celebrate absolutely nothing tonight I headed off to dinner with an old friend. Mostly it was just me needing to get out of the house. With Preston sick, Brad gone last night, and three extra kids who are actually not mine; I needed a break. Off to Casa De Oro I went. I enjoyed my "regular" meal there and a margarita. It was actually the first time I've ordered a drink there so my waiter (yes he is my waiter, this is what happens when he MEMORIZES your order) had to card me and then commented that he couldn't believe how old I was getting. I've been going there since middle school on a regular basis. When you find something you love you stick with it!! But back to dinner, not only was it nice to get out but it was so much fun to remember back in the day. Ally (the friend I was with) was with me the night I met Brad and is actually dating Brad's old best friend, how hilarious!! We've been out of touch for a while and it's nice to be back in touch. I was actually going to do kind of a then and now post about dinner and include a picture of us in highschool and then one from tonight. But alas I forgot to pull out my camera in my excitement of incredible food and a night out. Next time I swear!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Blog Update

I added my twitter account too!! Click to follow me and hear all about my oh so interesting days. lol. They might not actually be that interesting. **Gasp!!**

Some Blog Updates

There have been some changes to my blog today!!

I finally figured out how to make a scrapblog and then how to put said scrapblog as my header on my blog. Go look, it's pretty awesome if I do say so myslef. Thanks Courtney, I couldn't have done it without you!!

The biggest change to my blog is the new web address. You can now find me at I bought my very own url!! How exciting!! Currently my blog is in a transitional phase, so there might be some holdups. But from what I'm understanding you will still be able to see my blog by going to my blogspot address, it will just automatically redirect you to my new url. I'm not positive on that one though, so it will be a wait and see kind of thing. Hope you enjoy all of my new fun blog adventures!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Boxed Up

I was just going through pictures on my camera and I came across these. I almost forgot all about them. We were hanging out at my Mom's before they left, and she stuck Preston in a box and pretended to close it. At first he was scared and then he thought it was hilarious. He would climb in all by himself and try to close the box in on him.

I also came across these pictures from the same day. He loves playing with my parent's fireplace. Even though he knows he's not supposed to. So he played, leaned back, and finally fell. I think he was shocked that he actually fell and was furious that I let it happen.

I found these ones too. Preston really knows how to work Matt and Shannon over. He always wants to play with their cell phones and they always cave. Matt's new favorite thing to do is to give him Shannon's phone and then call Shannon's phone from his phone and talk to Preston. Preston thinks it's so awesome!! The boy needs a phone, maybe when he's older like 5 or something. Totally kidding although who knows, kids are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages now.

And finally I found these. Preston was attacking Matt. And everytime Preston pushed Matt down, Matt would make a very dramatic fall and noise which would send Preston into a round of giggles. Oh how I love baby giggles!!!

A Little Girly??

Someone please tell me that I am not the only one. Since Preston has lately started taking more notice in what is going on around him, he has also begun to copy some of the more girly things that I do.

For example when I put my make-up on he demands to be allowed to go through my make-up bag and take survey of everything in there. And find an interest in some of the things in there. Like the mascara or eyeliner, but more likely the chapstick. Which is better than him demanding that I put eyeshadow on him. So I guess playing with a tube of chapstick isn't very girly right?? Boys wear chapstick. And he does eat it sometimes, that's pretty manly right??

Now this one on the other hand I can't try to make into something that is anything but girly. It started in Richland and he's done it a few more times since then. If I leave my razor sitting on the ledge in the bathtub, he grabs it, and starts to "shave" his legs. Hold on, before you freak out, it still has the cap on it so he can't cut himself. It is so funny!! I laugh everytime that he does it. He gets all serious and starts at the bottom of his leg by his ankle and moves up towards his knee and then does a few more swipes and sets it back down on the ledge. It's good practice for when it's time to shave his face, at least that's what I'm telling myself.

In not such a girly announcement, Preston said "jerk" today. He was sitting in his highchair eating breakfast and his horrible Mommy called someone a jerk and laughed then Preston said "jerk". And when Brad and Shannon laughed he did it again. Ahhhhhh!!! I really have to start watching what I say around him. I really don't to be the parent of the potty mouth child. Especially since I can't wash his mouth out with soap, since he likes the taste of it and eats it everytime I set him on the counter!! Yuck!!

And speaking of his highchair, Preston now climbs up into his highchair when he's hungry now. It's really nice because when he climbs up I know that he's hungry and willing to eat, so it's not a battle. He's growing up so fast!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reality Check

I am NOT cool anymore!! It's official. It was actually a little bit of a slap in the face when I discovered this tonight. I for some reason held onto the idea that even though I am now married and have a one year old, I was still young and hip and cool. That is apparently not so.

My sister, Shannon, and brother, Matt, were heading over to the bowling alley tonight to hang out with some friends. I remember those days!! So while we were sitting there talking about their plans for how to get there, how to get back, and what time they had to be home; I jokingly told them that I would just come with them and hang out too. Well Shannon was like, "no you won't, if you go than I am not going!!". WHAT?!?! I was shocked. I didn't actually plan on going, but I didn't realize that it was that awful if her friends saw me. Then just to add to my misery she likened me going with my parents going. I am not that OLD!! Or that lame!! Jerk!! And for the record, I was cool enough to let them walk to the bowling alley because they wanted to. Even though it was dark out and almost 9'0'clock at night and it's almost a mile away!! And I was cool enough to let then stay out a whole HOUR after the curfew that my Mom typically sets for them. But then I proved them right in my lack of coolness, when at 11pm I went to pick them up in my jammies. Because what else would I be doing on a Saturday night but hanging out with my son and husband watching movies?? Clearly my days of being cool are gone, and while I will miss them I am quite happy living this non-cool life now!!!

Tomato Soup

I made tomato soup for dinner tonight. Yummy!! Right up until Preston tried to climb in my lap where I was also trying to balance my bowl. Hot tomato soup spilled EVERYWHERE!! All over my parent's couch, my lap, and minorly on Preston's sweatpants. So I start yelling, "HOT, HOT!!" Because it was and it was burning through my stomach and side. What does my darling husband do?? He grabs Preston, who is calmly taking in his latest mess, and runs him to the bathroom. I guess he thought that Preston was also covered in hot soup, which he wasn't. I was!! But 100 points for effort!! So now there is a little path of tomato soup leading from the living room to the bathroom. Not so awesome. Especially since we're at my parent's house. Maybe that isn't so bad, at least it's not my house!! lol. I'm sure they really won't want us to stay here again when they get back and here about how smoothly things ran while they were gone.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Teething, Or At Least I Hope That's What It Is

My son has turned into a monster!! No joke people. He doesn't sleep at night. He's up ALL night tossing and turning, screaming and crying, and just wanting to nurse. Which means that I am up all night with him. What's a Mommy to do?? It's been like this for a little over a week. I just feel majorly run down and tired. And I'm sure it didn't help that Brad was out of town Monday thru Thursday last week, so it was just me and Preston. Which means that I was on call 24 hours a day for four days. Gives me new respect for single parents and those with husbands out of town/on duty/etc. Luckily we survived the week.

Currently we are staying at my parent's house, which is awesome for me. Because that monster that I was just talking about has extra playmates/entertainers/etc, these people are otherwise known as my sisters and brother. They are awesome!! Both to me/Brad and Preston. Seriously the kid loves his Aunts and Uncle. And he's pretty much got them wrapped around his little finger.

Preston really outdid himself this week with what a handful he was. It started on Tuesday when we headed out to FAFB for a playdate with some friends. He refused to stay in the kids play area and kept trying to run around where the floor was being re-glued down. He was willing to play nicely for a little while. Only when I climbed up in the tunnels with him and all of the other kids. It was fun but Mommy can only climb/crawl around so much, ya know?? Although it was really cute how excited he got when we went down the slides. And how all of the other kids thought that it was great that I was up in the tunnels with them. Preston wasn't so sure about that part since he is not so willing to share his Mommy with anybody.

And then just because he could Preston didn't take a single nap that day. Not one. Even on the drive home from the base. Not after playing at my Mom's. Nothing. I'm not sure who was more tired, me or him. Then like I mentioned earlier he crashed at 7:30pm. Awesome, until he woke up at 5:30am the next morning. I am NOT a morning person at all, so I was barely functioning.

It only got better today. Today Preston decided to be naughtier than he's been in a long while. And during a playdate we hosted with one of our Mommy groups. He was horrible. He would play just fine one minute and then the next he would be screaming bloody murder about something. Or clinging to me like I was going to disappear on him. Which I didn't in case you're wondering. Even when I wanted too because Preston completely melted down into a screaming crying mess. Everyone else did though. I'm pretty sure he scared them off. Please come back and play with us again guys!!! I'm almost sure it's just a phase because he's teething, Preston isn't usually like this. I swear!!!

On a more exciting note, Courtney and I started figuring out more details about our trip to Seattle this summer with Preston and Zeke. We are going in June and will be there for 3 days and 2 nights. We're taking Preston and Zeke to the zoo and the aquarium, and then taking ourselves (with Preston and Zeke in tow) to the outlets. It's going to be so much fun!! Anyone have any sugguestions on anything that we just HAVE to do while we're there??

Fishies, Shoes, and a Little Mimic

Time for an update on my little monster!!

On Sunday he turned the big 1-8!! Eighteen months that is. It was both exciting and very sad. I cannot believe that I am the Mommy of an 18 month old. Where does the time go??

And to celebrate turning 18 months, Preston decided to learn something new. He was taking his bath at the end of the day and I have been telling him to grab his fishie lately and he grabs one of his Finding Nemo fish, well on Sunday he grabbed his fish and looked at it and said "fishie"!!! How impressive is that?? I was thrilled. He also knows what his turtle is too and will grab that and say "turtle". I am so excited that he is starting to understand associations more and more. Oh and the fun doesn't stop there today I was reading him a book and there was a turtle in it and he looked at the picture and said "turtle". He knows what a turtle is. And to prove his point when he was looking at pictures on facebook with me and there was one with turtles in it and he looked at it and pointed and said "turtle" again. I thought wow, he really knows what a turtle is!!

Then on Wednesday, we were getting ready to leave the house. Preston loves going outside. Even more now since it's so cold outside and we really only go outside when we are going somewhere. So he's pulling on the door and trying to escape. So I informed him that he couldn't go outside until he had his shoes on. And when I look up from tying my shoes he is sitting on the stairs next to me with his shoes in his hand. He understood that he couldn't go outside and grabbed his shoes out of the basket of shoes. This really makes getting ready and out the door so much easier!!

Preston has also really started being more verbal. He can now mimic almost everything that I say when I prompt him. It's so cute. And slightly frightening since I do have a little bit of a potty mouth at times. Guess me and Brad will have to start watching that. And it's a good thing that we won't be hanging out with my Dad on SuperBowl since the Steelers will be playing and I'm sure he will not have the most impressive language that day. Speaking of the SuperBowl, my cousin Colten will be there in Florida watching his team (also the Steelers) play with his super awesome Grandpa. Lucky kid, I am so jealous!!!

Speaking of diapers, oh we weren't?? Well now that we Preston pulled his diaper off yesterday morning since he'd just peed it. I had just put it on him and came out of the back bedroom with his clothes to find him naked. I went to put his diaper back on him only to realize that it was wet. Lately he has also been running to grab me a clean diaper when he goes stinky. Maybe he's getting ready to potty train soon?? One can hope!!!

But most importantly...and I mean MOST importantly!! Preston now says "Mommy"!!! He was just saying "mama", but with Brad out of town this week he really picked up the word Mommy. Much to my excitement!! It used to be all dada and Daddy, poor Mommy was very left out. Not anymore!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do You Think He Was Tired??

This was how I found Preston when I came out of the bathroom the other night. I swear moments before he was awake and holding the truck that is now just hanging out on his tray with his uneaten dinner. It was only 7:30pm!! Granted he hadn't taken a nap ALL day. I thought I'd hit the jackpot until he woke up at 5:30am the next morning. :(


I was thinking about writing a wonderfully brillant post about our stay in Richland, but then decided to just show you about our stay in pictures. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Preston was EXHAUSTED!! Man, I wish I could sleep like that!!

Checking out the swimming area.

Preston's new coloring book and crayons. They kept him entertained until he started eating the crayons and mean Mommy took them away.

I think Preston was enjoying himself, don't you??

I know that this looks gross, but it was Preston's dinner one night when he finished with it. Look how much he ate!!

Since we were on the third floor Preston got very good at waiting for the elevator. What, you didn't actually think I would walk up three flights of stairs several times a day??

Preston wasn't ready to be locked in the room, notice my foot holding the door closed??

Luckily for us, he rebounded pretty quickly when Brad got to him.

I gave Preston some yogurt with his breakfast. BIG MISTAKE!! He flung it everywhere, poor housekeeping staff. Although I will admit I was relieve that I didn't have to clean it up.

Blowdry anyone??

Playing cars at the Diner we went to for dinner one night, Preston got great at going out to eat.

I'm pretty sure he was wondering why I kept taking his picture while we were at dinner.

Brad trying to convince Preston to "jump" in. Trust me it wasn't happening.

Although Preston was willing to let Brad pull him in and carry him around for a while.

Doesn't he just look cute?!?!

Preston acting like he was going to climb in all by himself. Like I said before it wasn't actually going to happen. He was a little bit more excited about running around the pool than actually playing in it.

And he's off!!

So there you have it. Now we're home. Well sort of since we're really staying at my parents.