Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Much to Say...

I know, I know, I've been slacking!! I'm so sorry!! I have no excuse, other than laziness does that count?? I'm going to say that it does. So I'm sorry for my laziness.Hmmmmm, what to tell?? Where to begin??

I'm engaged!! Brad finally asked me to marry him!! Not that it was really a surprise. I told him that I absolutely hate the word girlfriend and that we've been together for almost four years. Time to step up to the plate. Not to mention that we have a baby together, as evidenced by the adorable little boy sleeping to my left. And I don't work so Brad enables me to stay home, so shouldn't we make it legal. Plus I HATE that my last name is different than Preston's. And I told Brad when we were pregnant that by the time that Preston was old enough to know his last name, mine better be the same. So he did it!! And while he didn't ask me in a special or extraordinary way, he did get me the ring that I wanted. Well done, Brad, well done.

We are getting married at the courthouse on New Year's Eve. I wanted to get married immediately. And we'd already decided to get married at the courthouse. Brad wanted super simple and at the moment we can't afford my dream wedding. So we are going to get married and start saving. Then one day in the next few years, you will receive an invitation in your mailbox for my horribly expensive and incredibly beautiful vow-renewal/wedding ceremony!! This might not happen for a few more years but it will happen and it will be perfect!! Maybe our ten year anniversary, maybe sooner, but I'll keep you posted.Good news though, even though we are just going to the courthouse we are dressing up. Which means that I went and bought this absolutely gorgeous wedding dress!! And Brad and Preston are wearing tuxes. Why you may ask?? I mean, yes, we are just going to the courthouse. Well we are going to take pictures, I do want to remember the day. And my awesome friend Kait told me that she would come take the pictures for me with her totally amazing camera!! Thanks Kait!!! And then Courtney offered to do some photoshopping for me. How great are my friends?!?! Insert your jealousy here { }. :D So I will be sure to post pictures after I get them back. And I will try to get to it sooner rather than later, since I'm sure you will all be waiting.

Almost as exciting as getting married...Brad passed his journeyman test!!! This may not sound like a big deal, but trust me it is. The passing of this test means an AUTOMATIC $7/hr raise. Did you hear that $7/hr. I am already spending the money in my head. We are so excited!! Esecially since a new job is supposed to be starting soon, which means massive overtime. While I am not excited about the overtime, I am excited about the money. If he would have had to work the overtime he might as well make $7/hr more. Don't you think??

In Preston news...he is still the cutest little boy EVER!! And growing faster than I can even believe. I was looking at baby pictures the other day and I was a little sad. He used to need me for everything and now he's so independent. Not that he doesn't need me anymore or anything, he just likes to do some things all by himself. Like climbing up on top of the bathroom counter all by himself to play in the sink. Or walking out to the car. Yes that's right. He loves to walk out to the car now instead of being carried. It makes going out to the car a little bit difficult, but much cuter. He's also started saying "cheese" when I pull out the camera and smiling for me. It's adorable. Still not sleeping through the night. But it'll happen one day, won't it?? Right?? Of course, I mean I used to sleep through the night before Preston came along and one day he will too.

Before I leave you I must mention that I got some highlights added to my hair today. And they look so great!! I went with some red and a darker blonde. I love them!! My hairdresser, Kim (hey that's my name too), did such a good job. I am so glad that I went back to her. Not to mention that she is coming in on New Year's Eve, to do my hair for my wedding, just for me. How nice is that, she wasn't even going to work that day until I called her.

Now I must go, I have a rough night ahead of me. I'm taking Preston home and leaving him with Brad. While I head off to get a pedicure and have some dinner at Tomato Street with Kait and Courtney. It's a rough life, but somebody has to live it.

P.S. I'll add pictures later I promise. I'm not at home, so I don't have them with me. Also do you like my signature?? It's courtesy of Kait.

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Holly said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see your ring.