Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Alright, I'm jumping on the bandwagon too. I love reading everyone else's Not Me Monday's so here's mine...

I did not relish a quiet shower all to myself last week by allowing Preston to play on the bathroom counter in the sinks. And I definitely did not notice when he had turned the hot water in the sinks on instead of the cold water when my temperature would change in the shower.

And speaking of sinks. I did not encourage this horrible behavior by setting Preston up on the kitchen counter this week so that I could clean the floors without fighting over the broom and swiffer. And I definitely didn't think that this was a brilliant way to get the floors clean and repeat it later in the week when I needed to empty the dishwasher. Not me.

Our Christmas tree is not dead and will survive until Christmas. I didn't somehow manage to kill said tree in less than two weeks by forgetting to water it. And when Preston decided to climb behind the Christmas tree not once but twice I didn't leave him back there playing quietly just to get a moment of time to myself.

In light of our recent snowstorm, I most certainly didn't put off going grocery shopping for so long that when we were snowed in we had to force our way out of the house in order to eat. And it was not fun having Brad back all the way up the driveway and floor it all the way down the street so that we wouldn't get stuck in the two feet plus of snow.

Also I did not pretend on Friday morning that I didn't hear Preston climb out of bed and run into the bathroom to play on previously mentioned counter, so that Brad would get up with him. I was not hoping to catch up on some sleep.

So there's mine!! How fun. You can check out the original Not Me Monday with MckMama. Feel free to share all your Not Me's too!!

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