Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Wondering...

Does it violate child labor laws if your child enjoys it?? Preston has been entertaining himself the past few nights by vacuuming. I figure that if he want to push the vacuum around then it might as well be on so that the floors get clean. Not to mention that if I do turn the vacuum off he becomes enraged and turns it right back on and gets back to work. Now if I could only get him to dust!! Or at least get him to stop throwing all of the couch cushions on the floor when he wants to play with them. :D

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Kaitlin said...

Haha, so funny. I really don't think it's a problem and can see Sam enjoying cleaning toilets. j/k
I seriously cannot wait for the golden age of 8 when we have the kids start chores. Granted they do a couple now, but at 8... they do toilets.