Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm a little embarrassed...

Tonight I went down and got my toes done again. Even though I'd just gotten them done like two weeks ago, they were already beyond ruined. In fact they were chipped by the weekend after I had them done. What a waste of $50. Good thing I was in good company that night so I at least had fun with Kait and Courtney. But tonight I ventured back out to endure the horrible torture of having my toes painted and my feet rubbed. I know, poor me. Only one little problem. Okay it wasn't a problem it was just slightly awkward for me. I completely didn't think about the fact that I haven't shaved my legs in DAYS!! So if you've ever gone in for a pedicure, you know that it means that they roll your pants up to your knees and actually massage your calfs too. That poor girl. I felt horrible. And disgusting. But I didn't know how to explain to her that usually I do shave my legs, I've just been slacking becuase my life has been so hectic lately. I mean I am getting married tomorrow, so I've had other things on my mind. And yes, I will remember to shave my legs tomorrow. So instead I just smiled and pretended that my legs didn't look like BigFoot, and then left her a hefty tip. Ooooh, and I got my nails done too. Nothing like some pampering to make all of this snow not seem so bad.

And after my spa moment, I met Jenaye at my house. We were on the hunt for something for me to wear after the wedding. You know for the "hotel room". I won't go in to detail here what we found, because I'm sure you don't want to know. And if you do, hmmmm, please keep it to yourself. :P But I will say that everytime I walk into an adult shop, I turn into a little highschool girl all over again. I can't believe some of the things that they sell in there. We just walked around giggling. I'm sure the salesgirls thought we were so immature. And at one of the shops I was reading their rules of conduct and they were hilarious!! And dinner at Azteca, man I'm getting good at hitting those Taco Tuesdays, was so much fun too!! It was the first time that Jenaye and I had ever had dinner and drinks together since we both turned 21. Plus I have totally missed hanging out with Jenaye. We were best friends since 8th grade and we seriously don't see each other enough!!! Now I'm off to get some beauty sleep after all I am getting married tomorrow and photoshop only does so much!!! :D

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Holly said...

Happy marriage day Kim!

I would be embarassed too. But what do you do?

Where did you Kait and Courtney go for the pedicures? I have always gone to Spa Paradiso, in the Davenport and the pedicures lasted a month before they started chipping. They are more than $50 but totally worth the money.