Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holy Snow!!

I thought the snow was bad last night, and then I woke up this morning. All you can see is white. Holy crap. And I'm so smart that I've been putting off going to the grocery store for over a week, so you guessed it we have NO food in our house. Which means that after Brad finishes snowblowing and shoveling the front of our house we have to go grocery shopping. I am hoping that Brad is right and that it's empty because nobody wants to go out in this. Although I'm thinking that it will be crazy busy with people stocking up in preparation for what might be coming. At least Brad's work told him to stay home, so he is here to help.

I am just so glad that my car has AWD. We definitely would've been screwed if I still drove my focus. As is my sister drives a Jimmy and had to call my Dad to pick her up for work. And his taxi service didn't stop there. All of his warehouse guys didn't show up because their cars can't get them there, so he is out running around picking up his guys because the work still has to get done.

I'm off, time to take advantage of this winter wonderland.

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