Friday, December 19, 2008

The Cluster Effect

I give up. Forfeit. Throw in the white towel. I have finally rearranged our Christmas tree ornaments. There are no longer any ornaments on the bottom half of our Christmas tree. They are now clustered together on the top half. They look terrible and there is no cute arrangement to them. There just thrown up there, practically one on top of each other. But the good new is that I no longer have to pick them up, rearrange them, or clean up the mess when Preston throws them up against the wall. Really the cluster has made my life easier, although not quite as beautiful. :P

Now if I could do something about the fact that tonight Preston crawled under the tree and into the back corner. Where he then stood up and yelled for me to come over and rescue him. Cute and hilarious, but he was quite heavy to lift up and over the tree. Silly baby!!

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