Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day...

So it has come and gone, all that preparation for just a few hours of craziness and joy. But oh what a day. We started around 8am that morning. Since Preston is still little he doesn't understand yet that he's supposed to have us up at the crack of dawn to start opening presents. And I am so grateful for being able to sleep in that morning, since I was exhausted from the night before.

Then the presents began. Preston proved to be completely uninterested in any of the gifts. Until they'd been unwrapped and he could see what they were. The only ones that he himself opened were the matchbox cars and then he proceeded to ignore everything else while he drove his cars around and lined them up on the other boxes.

So Brad and me opted to open all of our presents and then get back to helping Preston with his, when he was more willing to cooperate. If I'd know that a few 99 cents cars would be so entertaining, Christmas would have been much less expensive!! :P

We both got some great gifts and were very excited to open them all up. Brad got a wool pea coat from me, an acoustic guitar from Santa, a gift card to go get his car detailed from Preston, computer gear from my parents, and some beanies and other miscellaneous items. But the big gift of the day, and definitely the biggest surprise, was what his Mom got him. A GPS system!! He was pretty excited, can you tell??

I got a wool coat from Brad, a few lotions and body washes, a ton of sweaters from my parents, an incredibly awesome digital photo frame from Brad's Mom, and wait for it...a VIDEO CAMERA from Preston!! I was so shocked and excited!! This thing is absolutely amazing. 60gb hard drive, touch screen LCD, and super tiny. I was so thrilled!!

Finally we were ready to open Preston's gifts up. And he was still completely enthralled with those matchbox cars, and maybe some of the wrapping paper too. As we both looked at his pile of gifts we were shocked. Preston's pile surpassed both of ours put together and then doubled. It took up half the room. We realized that this was definitely a sign that he has most certainly taken over our lives and everyone else's too. He's such a spoiled little monster!! So we got started. Everyone once in a while Preston would act like he was interested in what we were doing, but mostly he just had us open up the boxes of the toys that he recognized as they were unwrapped. His haul included: a motorized four-wheeler from Santa, a ton of books, Spike the Dinosaur from us, a few clothing items, a ball toy from my parents, a chair from my parents, a little cell phone from Brad's Mom, legos, a few littler toys from everyone, a handcrafted toy train from Brad's Mom, a Clipo set, a slide, and I'm sure there are more things I just can't remember it all. I have no idea what we are going to do with all of this stuff, Preston already has way more toys and books and clothing that one little boy should have obtained in his 17 months. Somehow, someway I will have to find a place for all of it. He has seriously taken over our house, help us!! LOL!!

Preston and his trains...

"Spike" the dinosaur...

Preston patiently waiting for Brad to open up Spike...

Finally when all of the present opening was done at home we got dressed and headed over to my Mom and Dad's house and started all over again. Eventually we were done opening presents for the day and were able to sit back and relax. Just kidding, I have a one year old people. There was no relaxing. We had to pull things out of their boxes and open them up and set them up. One thing Brad and I learned this year was that next year we will be opening up, setting up, and charging the batteries of all of Preston's gifts. He had to wait hours for some of them to charge. Torture for all of us.

We had dinner with my family and Brad's Mom at my parent's house. Poor Preston still hadn't napped by that point and fell asleep in my lap during dinner. It was so cute. He took a long nap and we eventually headed home.

I must admit I'm a little bit relieved that Christmas is over. It's fun but I want my living room back and I'm tired of all the shopping and gift wrapping.

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Kaitlin said...

That is SO how I feel too! We also found out the first year about opening and setting everything up we could. Jerry thought Sam would enjoy opening his box from dell and I had to put my foot down. HELL NO! It took up like 3 hours to set up a few days before so I'm glad we did. he would have never stopped talking! :) See you Wednesday... oh, btw is Courtney alive still?? :)