Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm a little embarrassed...

Tonight I went down and got my toes done again. Even though I'd just gotten them done like two weeks ago, they were already beyond ruined. In fact they were chipped by the weekend after I had them done. What a waste of $50. Good thing I was in good company that night so I at least had fun with Kait and Courtney. But tonight I ventured back out to endure the horrible torture of having my toes painted and my feet rubbed. I know, poor me. Only one little problem. Okay it wasn't a problem it was just slightly awkward for me. I completely didn't think about the fact that I haven't shaved my legs in DAYS!! So if you've ever gone in for a pedicure, you know that it means that they roll your pants up to your knees and actually massage your calfs too. That poor girl. I felt horrible. And disgusting. But I didn't know how to explain to her that usually I do shave my legs, I've just been slacking becuase my life has been so hectic lately. I mean I am getting married tomorrow, so I've had other things on my mind. And yes, I will remember to shave my legs tomorrow. So instead I just smiled and pretended that my legs didn't look like BigFoot, and then left her a hefty tip. Ooooh, and I got my nails done too. Nothing like some pampering to make all of this snow not seem so bad.

And after my spa moment, I met Jenaye at my house. We were on the hunt for something for me to wear after the wedding. You know for the "hotel room". I won't go in to detail here what we found, because I'm sure you don't want to know. And if you do, hmmmm, please keep it to yourself. :P But I will say that everytime I walk into an adult shop, I turn into a little highschool girl all over again. I can't believe some of the things that they sell in there. We just walked around giggling. I'm sure the salesgirls thought we were so immature. And at one of the shops I was reading their rules of conduct and they were hilarious!! And dinner at Azteca, man I'm getting good at hitting those Taco Tuesdays, was so much fun too!! It was the first time that Jenaye and I had ever had dinner and drinks together since we both turned 21. Plus I have totally missed hanging out with Jenaye. We were best friends since 8th grade and we seriously don't see each other enough!!! Now I'm off to get some beauty sleep after all I am getting married tomorrow and photoshop only does so much!!! :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Wondering...

Does it violate child labor laws if your child enjoys it?? Preston has been entertaining himself the past few nights by vacuuming. I figure that if he want to push the vacuum around then it might as well be on so that the floors get clean. Not to mention that if I do turn the vacuum off he becomes enraged and turns it right back on and gets back to work. Now if I could only get him to dust!! Or at least get him to stop throwing all of the couch cushions on the floor when he wants to play with them. :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

We went to dinner at the Olive Garden last night with my parents and my Grandma. It was so much fun and so yummy. Preston did so great, I couldn't believe it. He entertained himself taking everyone for several rides up the escalator while we waited for a table. It was a half hour wait but he didn't mind one bit. Then we finally sat down and he surpassed all of our expectations. He sat like such a big boy all through dinner. And we were there for about an hour and a half. He played with his cars and his kitty cat until food started coming out. He refused to eat any of the breadsticks. I know, what?!?! Those things are incredible and he was completely uninterested. Instead Preston ate the crutons from the salad that were soaked in italian dressing. And when the food arrived Preston picked up his fork and dug right in to his macaroni and cheese. Now that he's willing to sit and eat at dinner it makes this whole going out to eat thing much more enjoyable for me and Brad. Then came Preston's favorite part. My Mom ordered some chocolate mousse cheesecake. As soon as the waitress set it on the table Preston reached for it. My Mom tried to offer him a bite and he demanded the whole piece. So we all ate around him. Clearly he is my child since he loves chocolate.

Then today we took a chance. My Mom called and invited us to the movies with them. I started to say no until she told me they were going to see Marley and Me. I really really wanted to see this. It was almost naptime so we decided to give it a shot. I say give it a shot because last time we took Preston to the movies we left half way through the movie. This time he did great. He sat on my lap and watched the screen for the first half hour, then my sister Shannon took him to play video games for about 10minutes, and when he came back he fell asleep. And I loved the movie!!! It made having kids and being married seem so much more realistic than most movies do. I laughed and cried, seriously I cried during a kids movie. I definitely reccomend it.

Now if only Preston would wake up from his nap. It is almost 7pm and he's still sleeping. I have a feeling it's going to be a long night.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day...

So it has come and gone, all that preparation for just a few hours of craziness and joy. But oh what a day. We started around 8am that morning. Since Preston is still little he doesn't understand yet that he's supposed to have us up at the crack of dawn to start opening presents. And I am so grateful for being able to sleep in that morning, since I was exhausted from the night before.

Then the presents began. Preston proved to be completely uninterested in any of the gifts. Until they'd been unwrapped and he could see what they were. The only ones that he himself opened were the matchbox cars and then he proceeded to ignore everything else while he drove his cars around and lined them up on the other boxes.

So Brad and me opted to open all of our presents and then get back to helping Preston with his, when he was more willing to cooperate. If I'd know that a few 99 cents cars would be so entertaining, Christmas would have been much less expensive!! :P

We both got some great gifts and were very excited to open them all up. Brad got a wool pea coat from me, an acoustic guitar from Santa, a gift card to go get his car detailed from Preston, computer gear from my parents, and some beanies and other miscellaneous items. But the big gift of the day, and definitely the biggest surprise, was what his Mom got him. A GPS system!! He was pretty excited, can you tell??

I got a wool coat from Brad, a few lotions and body washes, a ton of sweaters from my parents, an incredibly awesome digital photo frame from Brad's Mom, and wait for it...a VIDEO CAMERA from Preston!! I was so shocked and excited!! This thing is absolutely amazing. 60gb hard drive, touch screen LCD, and super tiny. I was so thrilled!!

Finally we were ready to open Preston's gifts up. And he was still completely enthralled with those matchbox cars, and maybe some of the wrapping paper too. As we both looked at his pile of gifts we were shocked. Preston's pile surpassed both of ours put together and then doubled. It took up half the room. We realized that this was definitely a sign that he has most certainly taken over our lives and everyone else's too. He's such a spoiled little monster!! So we got started. Everyone once in a while Preston would act like he was interested in what we were doing, but mostly he just had us open up the boxes of the toys that he recognized as they were unwrapped. His haul included: a motorized four-wheeler from Santa, a ton of books, Spike the Dinosaur from us, a few clothing items, a ball toy from my parents, a chair from my parents, a little cell phone from Brad's Mom, legos, a few littler toys from everyone, a handcrafted toy train from Brad's Mom, a Clipo set, a slide, and I'm sure there are more things I just can't remember it all. I have no idea what we are going to do with all of this stuff, Preston already has way more toys and books and clothing that one little boy should have obtained in his 17 months. Somehow, someway I will have to find a place for all of it. He has seriously taken over our house, help us!! LOL!!

Preston and his trains...

"Spike" the dinosaur...

Preston patiently waiting for Brad to open up Spike...

Finally when all of the present opening was done at home we got dressed and headed over to my Mom and Dad's house and started all over again. Eventually we were done opening presents for the day and were able to sit back and relax. Just kidding, I have a one year old people. There was no relaxing. We had to pull things out of their boxes and open them up and set them up. One thing Brad and I learned this year was that next year we will be opening up, setting up, and charging the batteries of all of Preston's gifts. He had to wait hours for some of them to charge. Torture for all of us.

We had dinner with my family and Brad's Mom at my parent's house. Poor Preston still hadn't napped by that point and fell asleep in my lap during dinner. It was so cute. He took a long nap and we eventually headed home.

I must admit I'm a little bit relieved that Christmas is over. It's fun but I want my living room back and I'm tired of all the shopping and gift wrapping.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! I hope that your day was filled with special moments and lasting memories!! I know that we had a good day. Here's a glimpse of our Christmas Eve. I'll share more pictures later, I'm ready to get back to my family. Hope you're enjoying yours.

My Christmas Eve present...

Brad and Preston before bedtime...

Check out Preston's Christmas jammies...

Look, Santa came!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Alright, I'm jumping on the bandwagon too. I love reading everyone else's Not Me Monday's so here's mine...

I did not relish a quiet shower all to myself last week by allowing Preston to play on the bathroom counter in the sinks. And I definitely did not notice when he had turned the hot water in the sinks on instead of the cold water when my temperature would change in the shower.

And speaking of sinks. I did not encourage this horrible behavior by setting Preston up on the kitchen counter this week so that I could clean the floors without fighting over the broom and swiffer. And I definitely didn't think that this was a brilliant way to get the floors clean and repeat it later in the week when I needed to empty the dishwasher. Not me.

Our Christmas tree is not dead and will survive until Christmas. I didn't somehow manage to kill said tree in less than two weeks by forgetting to water it. And when Preston decided to climb behind the Christmas tree not once but twice I didn't leave him back there playing quietly just to get a moment of time to myself.

In light of our recent snowstorm, I most certainly didn't put off going grocery shopping for so long that when we were snowed in we had to force our way out of the house in order to eat. And it was not fun having Brad back all the way up the driveway and floor it all the way down the street so that we wouldn't get stuck in the two feet plus of snow.

Also I did not pretend on Friday morning that I didn't hear Preston climb out of bed and run into the bathroom to play on previously mentioned counter, so that Brad would get up with him. I was not hoping to catch up on some sleep.

So there's mine!! How fun. You can check out the original Not Me Monday with MckMama. Feel free to share all your Not Me's too!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Cluster Effect

I give up. Forfeit. Throw in the white towel. I have finally rearranged our Christmas tree ornaments. There are no longer any ornaments on the bottom half of our Christmas tree. They are now clustered together on the top half. They look terrible and there is no cute arrangement to them. There just thrown up there, practically one on top of each other. But the good new is that I no longer have to pick them up, rearrange them, or clean up the mess when Preston throws them up against the wall. Really the cluster has made my life easier, although not quite as beautiful. :P

Now if I could do something about the fact that tonight Preston crawled under the tree and into the back corner. Where he then stood up and yelled for me to come over and rescue him. Cute and hilarious, but he was quite heavy to lift up and over the tree. Silly baby!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holy Snow!!

I thought the snow was bad last night, and then I woke up this morning. All you can see is white. Holy crap. And I'm so smart that I've been putting off going to the grocery store for over a week, so you guessed it we have NO food in our house. Which means that after Brad finishes snowblowing and shoveling the front of our house we have to go grocery shopping. I am hoping that Brad is right and that it's empty because nobody wants to go out in this. Although I'm thinking that it will be crazy busy with people stocking up in preparation for what might be coming. At least Brad's work told him to stay home, so he is here to help.

I am just so glad that my car has AWD. We definitely would've been screwed if I still drove my focus. As is my sister drives a Jimmy and had to call my Dad to pick her up for work. And his taxi service didn't stop there. All of his warehouse guys didn't show up because their cars can't get them there, so he is out running around picking up his guys because the work still has to get done.

I'm off, time to take advantage of this winter wonderland.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Much to Say...

I know, I know, I've been slacking!! I'm so sorry!! I have no excuse, other than laziness does that count?? I'm going to say that it does. So I'm sorry for my laziness.Hmmmmm, what to tell?? Where to begin??

I'm engaged!! Brad finally asked me to marry him!! Not that it was really a surprise. I told him that I absolutely hate the word girlfriend and that we've been together for almost four years. Time to step up to the plate. Not to mention that we have a baby together, as evidenced by the adorable little boy sleeping to my left. And I don't work so Brad enables me to stay home, so shouldn't we make it legal. Plus I HATE that my last name is different than Preston's. And I told Brad when we were pregnant that by the time that Preston was old enough to know his last name, mine better be the same. So he did it!! And while he didn't ask me in a special or extraordinary way, he did get me the ring that I wanted. Well done, Brad, well done.

We are getting married at the courthouse on New Year's Eve. I wanted to get married immediately. And we'd already decided to get married at the courthouse. Brad wanted super simple and at the moment we can't afford my dream wedding. So we are going to get married and start saving. Then one day in the next few years, you will receive an invitation in your mailbox for my horribly expensive and incredibly beautiful vow-renewal/wedding ceremony!! This might not happen for a few more years but it will happen and it will be perfect!! Maybe our ten year anniversary, maybe sooner, but I'll keep you posted.Good news though, even though we are just going to the courthouse we are dressing up. Which means that I went and bought this absolutely gorgeous wedding dress!! And Brad and Preston are wearing tuxes. Why you may ask?? I mean, yes, we are just going to the courthouse. Well we are going to take pictures, I do want to remember the day. And my awesome friend Kait told me that she would come take the pictures for me with her totally amazing camera!! Thanks Kait!!! And then Courtney offered to do some photoshopping for me. How great are my friends?!?! Insert your jealousy here { }. :D So I will be sure to post pictures after I get them back. And I will try to get to it sooner rather than later, since I'm sure you will all be waiting.

Almost as exciting as getting married...Brad passed his journeyman test!!! This may not sound like a big deal, but trust me it is. The passing of this test means an AUTOMATIC $7/hr raise. Did you hear that $7/hr. I am already spending the money in my head. We are so excited!! Esecially since a new job is supposed to be starting soon, which means massive overtime. While I am not excited about the overtime, I am excited about the money. If he would have had to work the overtime he might as well make $7/hr more. Don't you think??

In Preston news...he is still the cutest little boy EVER!! And growing faster than I can even believe. I was looking at baby pictures the other day and I was a little sad. He used to need me for everything and now he's so independent. Not that he doesn't need me anymore or anything, he just likes to do some things all by himself. Like climbing up on top of the bathroom counter all by himself to play in the sink. Or walking out to the car. Yes that's right. He loves to walk out to the car now instead of being carried. It makes going out to the car a little bit difficult, but much cuter. He's also started saying "cheese" when I pull out the camera and smiling for me. It's adorable. Still not sleeping through the night. But it'll happen one day, won't it?? Right?? Of course, I mean I used to sleep through the night before Preston came along and one day he will too.

Before I leave you I must mention that I got some highlights added to my hair today. And they look so great!! I went with some red and a darker blonde. I love them!! My hairdresser, Kim (hey that's my name too), did such a good job. I am so glad that I went back to her. Not to mention that she is coming in on New Year's Eve, to do my hair for my wedding, just for me. How nice is that, she wasn't even going to work that day until I called her.

Now I must go, I have a rough night ahead of me. I'm taking Preston home and leaving him with Brad. While I head off to get a pedicure and have some dinner at Tomato Street with Kait and Courtney. It's a rough life, but somebody has to live it.

P.S. I'll add pictures later I promise. I'm not at home, so I don't have them with me. Also do you like my signature?? It's courtesy of Kait.