Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Champagne + Sex Toys = A Weekend Long Hangover

On Friday night I headed over to Thi's house with some friends for a Pure Romance Party and a much needed Mom's Night Out. Being incredibly intelligent I decided to bring Champagne and not just one bottle but two. Just in case. It was a blast!! I drank way too much which in turn turned into me ordering way too much. Thank goodness I'd brought my sister along too to drive me home. And what a ride home it was!! Thanks for coming with me girls!! I needed a night out. Although I really could have gone without the hangover that lasted all weekend.

All of Us

I know you're going to kill me Kelly, but what good is a picture like this if no one sees it?!?!

Me and Courtney

Me and Thi, why do I look so pale next to her??

Hanging out with Kelly

Tiffany, Courtney, and me

Me and my sister, Jessie. Do you think we look alike??

Thanks for getting drunk with me Kait!!

And of course the ride home!!

Also Preston had a Dr. appt this morning for the awful cough he woke up with. And I have never been more angry. The nurse actually called my son pathetic!! He had been called a lot of things - adorable, smart, cute, sweet, a monster -but never pathetic!! And for good reason, he isn't. All because he started crying when she put the thermometer under his arm. She looks at his tears and says "well isn't that just pathetic". NO, what is pathetic is that you still have a job you BITCH!! It took everything in me not to say something of that nature and to continue to wait for the Dr. Needless to say we will not be visiting this Dr or nurse again. Thank goodness our normal pediatrician and his nurse are awesome. And clearly I'm not the only one who thinks so since I couldn't get in with him until 6pm tonight and was able to get in with the "dream team" right away. Can you tell I'm still angry?!?!


Kaitlin said...

Why do I always look so terrible in pictures? I look totally fat with nasty pasted back hair. Do I always look like this?? :S

Kelly said...

What...I thought it was a microphone?! Yes, you are correct you're so dead! LOL, I have to agree, it was a good time. :D I'm so glad you talked me into going. Thanks for the lift home.

Kait...come on, there is a horrible picture of me with a "microphone" and you're complaining?! :D

Mom said...

Time to update your blog missy!