Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Champagne + Sex Toys = A Weekend Long Hangover

On Friday night I headed over to Thi's house with some friends for a Pure Romance Party and a much needed Mom's Night Out. Being incredibly intelligent I decided to bring Champagne and not just one bottle but two. Just in case. It was a blast!! I drank way too much which in turn turned into me ordering way too much. Thank goodness I'd brought my sister along too to drive me home. And what a ride home it was!! Thanks for coming with me girls!! I needed a night out. Although I really could have gone without the hangover that lasted all weekend.

All of Us

I know you're going to kill me Kelly, but what good is a picture like this if no one sees it?!?!

Me and Courtney

Me and Thi, why do I look so pale next to her??

Hanging out with Kelly

Tiffany, Courtney, and me

Me and my sister, Jessie. Do you think we look alike??

Thanks for getting drunk with me Kait!!

And of course the ride home!!

Also Preston had a Dr. appt this morning for the awful cough he woke up with. And I have never been more angry. The nurse actually called my son pathetic!! He had been called a lot of things - adorable, smart, cute, sweet, a monster -but never pathetic!! And for good reason, he isn't. All because he started crying when she put the thermometer under his arm. She looks at his tears and says "well isn't that just pathetic". NO, what is pathetic is that you still have a job you BITCH!! It took everything in me not to say something of that nature and to continue to wait for the Dr. Needless to say we will not be visiting this Dr or nurse again. Thank goodness our normal pediatrician and his nurse are awesome. And clearly I'm not the only one who thinks so since I couldn't get in with him until 6pm tonight and was able to get in with the "dream team" right away. Can you tell I'm still angry?!?!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


That's right I said "Prom!!". I had to take my prom dress home from my Mom's on Friday and it made me take a trip down memory lane. I went and looked at all of my pictures and remembered how much fun it was. Not the actual prom so much as the stuff before. I got to get all dressed up; make-up, hair, nails, the works. And dinner, YUMMY!! It was the first time I tried escargot. Surprisingly good if you forget what you are eating. LOL!! Now if I only had a reason to wear the dress again and somewhere to wear it too. Until then I will just be one of those girls that refuses to get rid of the dress because I love the memories that come with looking at it. Here's some pictures I thought I'd share:

Me, Sara, and Ally

Matt, Me, Sara, and Tony

Me and my date, Matt

Nae and Me

Flashing a little leg!! :P

I LOVE this dress!!

Stupid Cat!!!

Ugh!! I am so mad. Our stupid cat Charlie is peeing in the house. We thought it was a bladder infection a few weeks ago and put him on antibiotics and yet he's still doing it. He's peed on the couches downstairs, in the bath tub (several times, YUCK!!), on our bedroom pillows, on blankets downstairs, my clean clothes, and now on another one of my pillows again!! I am so sick of this. I have to take him back to the vet to get checked for a bladder infection again. And if it's not a bladder infection than that means that it's behavioral. Which means medicine every day, expensive medicine. Maybe I just wasn't meant to be a pet owner?!?! Last years George got banished to be an outside cat because he was peeing AND pooping all over our house and then I washed Max and now Charlie is peeing everywhere. Thank God Monti is such a good cat, who even lets Preston pull on his tail and do whatever he wants and Monti doesn't even do anything but growl warnings and run.

And another irritating thing that I just realized, all of my blogs are about my stupid cats!! I am such a LOSER!! :P