Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Back!!

Nope I didn't fall off the face of the Earth, I am just an incredibly lazy slacker!! I kept telling myself that I was going to sit down for a minute and update my blog and then something would come up. Preston needed to eat, his diaper needed to be changed, his website was falling really far behind, it had to play, read, explore Brad needed to eat, I needed to eat, then there was sleep. You get the point. So let's see what's been new...

Max (our washing machine kitty) has no hard feelings. He still cuddles with me and I'm still his very favorite as evidenced by the middle of the night wakings to him wanting some love. That's right I now have two babies waking me up at night. Max has also not learned his lesson. He still climbs inside the comforters that I throw on the floor and falls asleep, I however have learned and now shake them out to check for him.

Preston has been learning more and more on a daily basis. Just the other day he learned where his nose was!! I was so excited. And he can say lots of new words too. My very favorite at the moment is "turtle". It just sounds so CUTE!! He's been saying new words so frequently that I'm having a hard time at the end of the day remembering all of his new words. I can't wait until he starts speaking in sentences and I am actually able to carry on a conversation with him.

Speaking of Preston, we have recently gone backwards in our effort to begin quitting nursing. He got sick and retreated from real food and only wanted to nurse. UGH!! I'm really getting to the point where I'm just done. Now to get him there too. I keep telling myself that at 18 Months that's it. So we'll see where we can get in 3 Months.

We went up to Finch Arboretum a couple of weekends ago and got the most amazing pictures. It was so warm and absolutely gorgeous. We brought my brother and sister along to help take pictures, be in some pictures, and of course chase down Preston. Thank goodness they were there too because he was all over the place!! We were all so exhausted when we left. Here are some of my favorites:

My brother, Matt, and Preston.

Preston and his Uncle Matt and Aunt Shannon.

Preston had so much fun!!

I LOVE this picture of me and Preston.

Me, Preston, and Shannon.

Matt, Preston, and Brad.

I LOVE this picture of Brad and Preston.

Preston hitching a ride in style.

All of Us, aren't we cute??

Don't worry I didn't drop him.

My family.

Can you tell that we all had fun?? There were so many great pictures. I'd forgotten how gorgeous fall was.