Saturday, April 15, 2017

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

Per Easter tradition, flashlight egg hunt time!

The kids get so dang excited! 

Preston was sick over the weekend but we figured after resting all day some fresh air would do him good.  As if it's not bad enough to be sick Easter weekend and have to miss out on all of the Easter celebrations, we couldn't skip the flashlight egg hunt too!

The kids hunt on opposite sides of the park.  Brad heads with Preston and I stick with Liv.  She was on it! 

Olivia took in a haul!  She definitely know how to egg hunt!  Even in the dark!

When Olivia was done hunting the little kid side, we headed over to the big kid side and looked around for Preston.  We never found him.  Either because it was so dark or because he didn't stop moving.  So we headed back to the parking lot to meet up.

Olivia and Izzie!

We found him!  Going through their goodies!

Please stand and smile!  Together!  Just one time! 

My family! 

More sorting!  While I tried to keep Olivia from eating all of the candy she opened.

My big boy!

We're ready for Easter now! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Oh Hey Santa

Time to pay Santa a visit.

But first we had to write our lists!



Preston was dreaming pretty big with that iPad.

We got in there and Gabby was not feeling it.  At all.  Jessie said they'd been waiting and it wasn't going to happen.

So we pulled out more lists and Gabby and Mason each wrote theirs and we headed up for another try and she did it!  Having something to show Santa helps so much.

As evidenced by the fact that Olivia hopped right up.  There are some serious advantages to this second kid thing! 

The official photo.

I asked these four to stop and smile for a minute before we were done.  It went really well.

Crazies!  We're just about ready for you Christmas!

Preston's Third Grade Christmas Party

First Olivia's class Christmas party and now Preston's!

Preston's class learned who their secret Santa was with the final book in their gift exchange.

Then his teacher gave each of them a book as a gift.  Olivia too!

The class as watching Polar Express with milk and cookies.  They were all excited!  It was low key and they loved it.

Olivia even got a spa day during it.  Kierra did her hair while they watched the movie.

It's Christmas break time!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Olivia's Preschool Christmas Party

Olivia's first year of preschool means her first year of all sorts of things. Like class Christmas parties.

But first. How stinkin' cute are these treats someone brought. And they were good. Not that I snuck one.

The kids got to wear their pjs.  And watch Frosty.  And decorate gingerbread houses! 

Her class.  Because they are so cute.

She had a lot of fun! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Cookies

Per tradition we got together to do some Christmas cookie making and decorating.

The kids love it.  At first.  Inevitably they get bored and the adults take over.  I don't think I decorated any cookies this year between helping the kids and putting cookies in the oven and taking them out!

Olivia was feeling it!  She obviously had to make all of her cookies pink.  Duh.

Preston was even pretty into it.  I was surprised.  Usually he puts up with us for a little bit and then splits.

After cookies we had big plans to make gingerbread houses.  That didn't happen.  It was just too much stuff.

But Auntie Rissa did play some Barbies.  Such a good auntie. 

And then the girls went downstairs and pulled everything in Olivia's bedroom out.  Everything.  Shoes that were too big.  Hats.  Gloves.  All the things.  But they had fun!

Now we have Christmas cookies.  Whether or not they are all edible is arguable.  But we have them!