Saturday, December 2, 2017

Izzie's Skating Party

Preston and Olivia were excited! It's Izzie's seventh birthday!  Even if she tells us she's ten.  Which totally through me for a minute until I realized Preston is ten so Izzie can't be ten!  Silly girl.

Her party was at the skating rink!  Every single time we go to the rink I tell myself we should go more often because the kids really do have a lot of fun.  Heck I had fun too!

We did a little skating!  These two sweet kids of mine.

Before it was party time.

Izzie always has the best cakes!

Back to do some more skating.

Liv even went around a few times without her trainer.

Preston was getting the hang of it.  We even raced around a few times.  I won.  But he did almost win once.  Partly because he cheated.  He fell and acted all hurt so I stopped and waited for him and then he finished the race.  No go cheater!   But well played.

A friend of Liv's from preschool was there.  She was pretty excited to see Ava!

My favorites!

Off doing big girl things.  Sob.

It was couples skate so Preston and I skated together.  While Olivia and Ava skated together.  They even ditched their trainers for a minute because big girls.

Happy Birthday Izzie!  Thanks for inviting us to celebrate!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pumpkin Carving Party

Or we could call it the party where I fully realized my house is too small. Or my family is too big. It's one of those two. Because we filled my entire dining room and kitchen carving pumpkins.

You'd think I would have learned after last year and put something down on the floor so that pumpkin guts wouldn't get everywhere.  You'd think wrong.  Next year you better believe I will.  Especially after Marrissa threw pumpkin guts!

Look at everyone!  This pumpkin carving is serious business.  Mason even got Grandma to carve.

Olivia.  She wasn't so sure.  But every year my Dad talks about how one of his favorite photos of Olivia is when she was one and helping carve pumpkins.  Her arm all the way in.  She did a good job cleaning her pumpkin out and then I helped.

The rest of the group.

My poor Dad had some stiff competition.  Last year his pumpkin didn't compete with all of the stenciled ones.  So this year he wasn't messing around.

Meanwhile, Olivia was still scooping.

Preston taking care of business.

Poor guy.  I made him help this year.  Last year he stuck around long enough to pick what he wanted his pumpkins to look like.  And then bailed.  No go dude.  He had to help scoop.  And carve.

My best girl!

Addy just loves Olivia!  And Olivia just loves Addy.  And Summer her twin!

Mr Mase!

Helping carve her pumpkin.  And totally freaking me out.

Notice the seriousness of my Dad.

Before long the kids had all disappeared.  Off to play.  While the adults were left carving pumpkins.  I was pretty proud of Preston this year he hung out long enough to carve his pumpkin before taking off!

The finished project!

Not too shabby!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Princess Fun

A local Mom's group in our area hosted an open house event at a park and invited some princesses to come participate in the fun.

Of course we had to go.

We were pretty excited when we parked and realized that Tinkerbell, Ariel, and Moana would all be there!  We love them!

I can't even tell you how excited Olivia was to meet Moana!  She just loves her.  Best day ever.

After meeting the princesses Olivia and Avayah went to go play on the playground.

But Olivia wanted to keep hanging out with Moana so she asked her to come play with them.  Why not!

Liv pretty much dragged Moana around the play ground.  Climbing.  Sliding.  The whole shebang!

Before long it was time for the princesse to head back to their castles.  So good-byes were said.

After the princesses left the girls checked out the soccer area.  Decided to do some watching and then some playing.  Liv was pretty good.  Especially in her sandals.

Too many kids and not enough soccer space meant back to the playground.  Where Liv did some climbing.  And I did some helping.

Before we left the girls wanted to get their faces painted.  They both chose Hello Kitty.  Because of course.  They both sat so well!

We couldn't just leave.  Mostly because the girls wouldn't let us.  More playing.  MORE!


A little more climbing and spinning.  More laughs.

Finally we dragged the girls out of there.  But the fun wasn't over.  We headed back to our house to play some more.

Also to give Avayah a turn driving Olivia's truck.  Help us all!

Vey had to be dragged out of here, dang you Nevan.  She didn't go quietly.  Liv went back to driving until I dragged her inside!

Princesses make everything so much better!